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Please mute this video. I don't know what I was thinking with this music! only stability ball ab workout resource you'll ever need! Rob demonstrates 100 of the many variations of abs exercises using the stability ball. Exercises are presented in groups of 10, so to progress through the stages, work on one group at a time in your abs workout. Once you can complete 30 seconds of each exercise with perfect form, then you can move on to the next stage.*cute cats not includedNew workout and tutorial for the first 10 exercises of this video more great core ideas, watch 100 Planks! Songs in order of appearance:Shiny Tech2 by Kevin Macleod, www.incompetech.comBlack Box in the Ground by Dan O'Connor, www.danosongs.comRehab Sunglasses by Dan O'Connor, www.danosongs.comClub Diver by Kevin Macleod, www.incompetech.comChimera Derivation 3 by Dan O'Connor, www.danosongs.com

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