10 GIANTS! The Strongest Men of 21st Century! - YouTube

Giants are here! This is our list of the 10 Strongest Men in 21. century. Strongest Powerlifters, Bodybuilders, Wrestlers, Arm Wrestlers ... See Brian Shaw, Mariusz Pudzianowski, Júlíus Björnsson, Dmytro Khaladzhi, Eddie Hall and other Giants!

Carter King

You guys should do a video with Tom Brady.

Sherman Mitchell

I’m more scared of the pain!! Wondering how it will feel dying


Detective Pikachu takes place 20 years after the original movie, and I bet Ash is still fucking ten years old

Jake Driver

Damn did not expect you to be British , feel as if i should love you more now :D

Aiden james Reitz

Nice bowling tyler!

It's Jenny

This make me cry...

Your Refrigerator is Broken!


Guestjammer 2468013579

Can I just mention the detail in all of these videos? It’s awesome!

jessie pienk

I have respect for you

Glo Gang SaVage

number 3 tho  :.)

Lil Princess Sav 28

GAD is Catch these hands day for me

Michelle Sauer

why does panda never talk?

Jonathan Soriano

I knew he was gonna be British

Immortal -SIN_21

damn are you playing this in high resolution mode? that shit is really clear!

Piyush Pratap Singh

2:30 My name is JabyCoay!!!💯

Diesel Herrington

They were in dphq2


@kiraberri *lol...sorry. Three dots... you typed two.

Jazmely Tavera

ok so did you get in the room

Motorcross SAO Gaming

Dude perfect are awesome I lik d and subbed

John Clift

No affence over dude 3z but Cody’s my fav Cody’s the best and Cory is the winner of all

Riley Mihai

Love the music good video

T T Moore

I thought he threw the 🐢. 😂

Mikhayil Panayiotou

MinuteVideos.... 10 minutes long


i dealt with a guy like this... Age gap and all lmao. I was stupid enough to get involved with him a second time but smart enough to know he was trying to manipulate me. I never took him seriously because of the knowledge i knew already and the judgement i had set in stone about him. It's horrible to say but to me he was a past time and a rebound for someone else i actually respected. I pretended to feel bad about things and pretended to play along with his manipulation. And the thing is i truly do not think he knew how he was acting. He was someone actually damaged and needed professional help and i toyed with the whole situation. I feel pretty bad about it now.. You can't fix people you guys.. You can't fix people unless you sacrifice your own mentality. You cannot fix people. People change and fix themselves once they start to catch wind of their mistakes and who knows how long ahead in the future that may be. They might have to go through seven more girls to notice what a piece of shit they are. You will tire yourself out and risk becoming mentally ill as well if you focus all your time on these people. Not worth it not at all.

shawn mckenna

I wish Adam Thielan was here. it would be hilarious. That's my best way to spell it

Crouton Bucket

Do you mean a blatant lgbtphobic video that treats bigots as oppressed while they're denied the same rights as someone else? This view is bad for any impressionable audience and this video is preaching the wrong message. Why'd you even condone the act of someone who doesn't support acknowledge or accept people as something they can't change. You are just as in the wrong as anyone else supporting the message the LGBT+ community is a less than that they are wrong to exist because you gave a larger outlet so you get no right to act like you've done nothing wrong just because you changed a title doesn't change to message so really you are almost if not just as bad.

Dayja Walley


Jaime Brundige


Brayden Spinks

Coby for the win

Omg I need to take my inhaler noooo 😳

Jacob McInnes

who is panda?

i had began to cry. she rubbed my back and asked my questions. usually, i didn’t like people touching my back due to my spine sticking out from my anorexia (which she doesn’t know about), but it was nice and comforting.

gaming guy 68

Do you know what the Forgotten backwards EditionI forgot to put on the shoes backwards

Michael Fahy

Leeds United New York giants


Also for the Assassin Creed Origins one, there's an entire mission for that. You get a sword and shield.

Fairies slime Shop

your sexy


F2 wins it for me

El Señor


Lily Bloom

Tell the cops..This happened to me, my ex used me to send photos and after he would abuse me..I broke up with him and he posted my photos all around but I told the cops.

Shikha Bandhu


Yang Elisha

Idk why I watch this

Sheau Ling Chin

P. a

Keyur Kshirsagar


Colin T

@nonenos13 Are you fucking stupid?

Gulabad Star

Upload bloopers also.

Trae Houston

Guru, bro. I have been with you for ever. I remember your first vid with your voice in it. Shoot I remember your Fallout vids from WAY back when. Its been one crazy ride, thanks for all of the great videos. Cheers m8.