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roni Schneeflocke

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Katherine Kordik

Watching this in 2019 it’s ironic that now she’s an joke. Instead of being remembered at the story this video showed. She’s now an joke and is now hated.

AXL K 23

Legend of Zelda easter egg

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Carcharodon Carcharias XVIII, Ruler of the Seas

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Spider-Man might be my favorite game of 2018 so far. I didn't expect it, but it somehow manages to capture the magic that had me spellbound as kid while playing Spider-Man 2 on my PS2. Making this video was a delight and I can't wait to get back to playing. For those wondering, I chose to not mention many Marvel references because I see them more as obligatory parts of the world with it being set in the Marvel universe. I really hope you guys enjoy the video, and thanks for watching!

colin mckenna

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Ashley S

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