2:00 PM - CTET & TET 2019 | Environmental Studies by Praveen Sir | Water (जल)

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It's in the same episode as the market thingy.


Candice Perry

Every pain has to have a cure

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Melody Lyrics

yep, but nah no one cares and they will just think im an attention seeker. lol.

N &E

Snapes all scenes are asmr videos

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Galaxy Star Cloud

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Bcraff 44

No OneCares What year Ur watching in

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17.5 Seconds so close!!!


who is from 2019

Daniel Petrella

He's got no barrel sock on when they are in the car and their is paint in the hopper. Personally I would chose a spire over a r2 but Planet eclipse is spot on.

mikey jeffers

Technically he is smart he is Recruiting players from the NBA finals I see you man trynna make a Dynasty!



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Jackson Ford

Is this an Xbox exclusive?

Fun With Christina

Everyone: Jokes about Zacian's design because he's a wolf with a sword in his mouth*


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wait this channel is called "MINUTE VIDEOS"


Halle Berry sweating to the spice - now THAT is the definition of hot.

Zero Danger

7:51 Guru Kid's STOP GROCERIES nice one : P

Alisha Boyce

Me: this looks so good!💖❄😍Trailer: out in November Me: buts that's so far away......................................DANG IT!!!!


Comments got me in tears fam LMAO


My takeaway from this is don't let people in because they COULD want to kill me. I take no chances!

Yossie Anderson

so these people make money from fake vids about real-life diseases and other stuff?

Miklay Gequinana

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0:33 Happy as Lazzaro

PyroManiac Stakka

Q&A are u dutch/ from the netherlands

Tin Erceg

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Justyna DeBiase


Rock Star

Every one become an Addicted to it 😵😵😷

CyberNerd 12

He is lying XD

Ronit Shrestha

Bottle flips were awesome Dp


I've been there before few weeks ago I went to a mental hoapital and what your saying is correct its not that bad and its not that good at least you can talk your way out with your problems :)

ACCUALLY HAPPEN- wait wrong channel

Sliw Sys

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Clayton Brack

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Bhaskara Rama Sai

I was expecting you to use a leaf blower or some other kind of air blower on the burning magnesium to see what happens.

Sean Murphy

It’ soobway

Lagstabbing Fiend

Daw fuck, I was wrong!