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2019 National Science & Maths Quiz - News Desk on JoyNews (5-6-19)Eastern Region looks forward to defending title

Legend 52

Love it!!!


React to when they see us trailer


do bmx tricks

Bernard Poulin

Blue Jays

Aishath SHAUFA

My grand father passed away with a heat attack. I miss him .

Lil Bloc

who watching this in 2018

Elias Vogel

NAME OF THIS SONG? (2:28 and 2:46)

Kara John

This is how many times they changed the title 😂😂

Archana Bhole

Can you sell the basketball in INDIA

Inko Gamer

+FunWithGuru bravo bravo 😂 amazing sob

Valerie Valois

>_< kick his parents in the nuts!!!!


Trent May



محمد حمودي

New EMINEM but without naked chicks

b o s s

Staff Morale Increased

Corey Buck

lmao those shoes are so fucking ugly😂

ناصر العنزي

اهلاً بكم انا اتابعكم من السعودية انتم بالفعل رائعون 👍🏻

P.S: and this is my favourite video

Jarrayy Xidkydulcrupt

poor panda

Korbin Monson

This was my first ever DP video and its one that has hooked me on the channel forever

Kevin Dumitru


Connor McCarthy

Checkers easy


You need to buy a better movie editing software than windows movie maker....


I guess there was an another easter egg about Portal, in a vanilla map.

Liza Turalba

Two pandas?

Levisz .23

My Guy Take A Break Okay..

Dharmendra Sharma

i think that cory and coby are twins


I always wondered how many hours go into getting some of these trick shots. Just curious


During the bleep Ethan confirms Ethma and that's why Emma is all upset


i got dlc at 10:6

Kike Semore

wait. i'm not a college kid anymore. this just made me inexplicably sad...... what do i do now

Crazy cat Lady

I also had suicidal thoughts


that fucking kid

21savage boii

Like:lil skies


u are the greatest at doing Easter eggs love them

The Cringelord, Euan.

it's clearly kim jong un

Omer Fajar

Good show

Chuuya Sama

Well, I'm introvert but i already knew it ;3

Nadia Ahmed

Do Board Game Stereotypes

Sky Diver AD

30 from 500 subs ! peep my vibes if you have time , muxh love 🌊


"Google it"

reico graves

Was that a 9/11 reference lmao