30 MIN Workout music MOTIVATION Rocky training medley - YouTube

This is a video I made of Rocky training montage songs which originally comprised a playlist I've been using. I wanted to put them together into one video to share if anyone is interested. Good for a 30 min workout. Tracklist1. Training Montage (movie version) 2. Hearts on Fire (extended version [with mountain climb] edit by Youtube user kantaroth)3. No Easy Way Out4. Going the Distance5. Eye of the Tiger6. The Final Countdown (Not a Rocky track ik, but fitting ;)7. Training Montage (OST version) [love this song, had to add it twice]


Did anyone notice the cleaner when they took the shot from up high



I just noticed that Cody throws the phone in the coffee during the second scene

Alex Alpal 12


بنۦٰـت أثـۦیۦرۈヅ


Chaya Halon

This was awesome but when Cody was cleaning his room it just magically closed (is someone hiding in the cloths ) 🤔🤔


2:08 How did he do that?(hold the weapon behind him)

Josefina Almqvist

Putt 2 basketboll hops betwin the cars


You guys are so nice,love your vidz by the way.

Autumn Fregerio

the dog jumping in the back at 3:23


That pun crushed me

Sophia Gacha

Im so sorry but bc your healthy and you do LOTS of sports you might survive! Trust me jyst have hope........ we all have your back bro

Straight Wack

Yessss! Finally!!!

Peter Taylor

My favorite youtuber doing an easter egg video of my favorite super hero! Quite a wonderful video, keep it up Guru thank u so much for this video!


witch in there from video

Sebastian Ong


Rajveer Kumar

dude perfect can you challenge brodie smith for the 533ft frisbee


Do featuring justin bieber

Yati Hayati Gojes

he is positive and cheer person. just his music not story


Kairi is THICC

I’m that child btw 😁

WhenYouSee A lost kid

Probably the only reason this is rated mature is cause of those porn references

Me: Gr8 review m8


1. Welcome back Borderlands

Zarnain Wasim

when i saw shark fishing, i thought that they caught large shark :D

Caio Cabó


Extra Distinct

Hi panda

aRsAlaN kHaN

Very hard 😎


Who watching in 2018 and left a like?

Layan Aburomeh


EJJ Gaming

Proof that bass pro was where king tut was buried.0:08

X station 64 Genesis

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Frank Brito

4:25 punt a jew