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A mentalist or a mystifier? Dr. Kruti Parekh is India's First Test-Tube Baby by Birth, an I.T Engineer by Education, World's Youngest Artistic Illusionist, India's Young Mind Genius and a Phd in Magical Entertainment and Humanities from USA. From bedazzling people like Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam and Mother Teresa to receiving various accolades from a tender age, Dr. Kruti went on to win The Young Achievers Award and the National Youth Award in 2014.This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

subhankar chatterjee

Tight is good

Billy W

I went to go eat and I saw Jamie benn there and my aunt was like," are you Tyler Seguin?" 😂

ikram ahmed



The Darla easter egg was the only one I noticed

Simply Potato

Was the thumbnail and the tittle clickbait

9:40 The human controller

Michael Yandel Irizarry Cruz

Becky g

mia hazen

Why in the world did I think this was going to be about a transgender person

Kflowers 625

Tell us who panda is please

I'm sure it's delicious. And I would sure like to eat one now - this channel always makes me hungry, but IMHO the best thing for beautifully cooked, but cold cuts of good steak is a kick ass cold sandwich, with additional ingredients of choice


Oh crap, I didn't know my fav easter egg youtuber watches this show.

Andrea P

Fishing for fun is such terrible

Dallas Lattea

10 bounces

Dark SiderX

I kept holding on for years now that I can't take it anymore ....... after all my nights bagging to sleep with just my head that wants to blow up I said to myself that whatever people are facing in life ....... no one will ever feel like me 😢....... I only pray To God for myself to die ...... so I can just rest 😭😭


What if someone put a GuruKid easter egg in their game? :D I'd do it

Aun Ali

The style, The Presentation, The Quality....

I'm TheCanadian

Dad: "Why the hell are you crying so damn loud?"

Jakub Dee


Brooks Cesan

scored 239

Games 4 Life


Daniel Axon

More Easter eggs plz plz plz plz

I can’t shower for a day

Original Moana

Is he a taurus or pisces or leo?

Amy Rose

Woah this is dramatic compared to the first one 😂😂

Алмаз Сафин

Крутые парни

Vital Baron

will we ever know who the real panda is??

Michele Davis

Wolf panda eagle

Didnt she say she had no friends???


i wonder how you guys come up with these stories huh

Deonne Crooms

This is the summer anthem 😝🥰

Anthony Guarino

Those Ruffles are gonna expire if no one eats them.I’m in!

Lila Wilburne

Purple Hoser + Team Coby

jeffrey Ackman

Was anybody else turned on when she said she had Sweat running down her boobs ? :-)

Alex Arluck

This is how many people want Coby to win as many battles as Tyler👇


xxTheGacha Maraudersxx

I was literally waiting for Harry Potter 😂


Wow, you guys are geniuses ?


I talk to strangers everyday at school

Luis Torres

Can you guys do a go kart race

Kajsa Winkler

A Fieldhockeyplace

AB Out

I hate you tie


This reminds me of disney

Justin DePauw

He caught his shirt with a halibut bait

Stephen Curry30

This is deep Rest In Peace NIPSEY we love you bro the marathon continues💙🙏🏾👑🏁

Cheetah Gaming

It's actually battlefield 1943 it was my favorite battlefield out of them all

👇 may God bless her family


Your future is so bright you went blind


i was gonna give these guys props until the dissapearing pink hat act. apparently theyre just good with cameras.. check out my trick shots.. theyre not as crazy as some of these guys' but at least theyre real


5:56 WTF

Ava P

She could have adopted a child…that would help a lot

All kinds of sports guy Sanchez

Why do you not do a hat throw in the outro

More Sick

Where did that guy is taking all that ceritificates?

Walker Venable


Dana Pandel