3 reasons you aren’t doing what you say you will do | Amanda Crowell | TEDxHarrisburg - YouTube

Amanda explores how to move beyond mindset-driven defensive failure and into productive failure to succeed at the problems you struggle with the most.Amanda Crowell is a cognitive psychologist, university professor at the Hunter College School of Education, speaker and coach. Dr. Crowell works with teachers, therapists, and mission-driven entrepreneurs to clear away mindset blocks and move into action. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

Heather Swift


IBW Wrestling

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Music Master

My bffs umbilical code was around her neck at birth and her hand was in the way pulling it away ❤️😭 she almost died! She still sleeps with her hand on her head.

edit: i likes my own comment

Jesse Riley

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Series - The Animated Cinema

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Ariail Lewis

I’m That Girl

Radovan Botek

Idk if its real or fake, big White Ball fly like its fake

farhana muladi

I played your game , it's soo awesome dude

Lastly, looked at the faces of depressed people here on youtube and their stories and came up with the thought of killing my self will end up everything.

Jennifer Cushman

My mother suffers from adult asthma. But the one very stupid thing that she did when she was younger is that she smoke cigarettes. She said she didn't smoke all that much. But that is not how me and my older brother remembers it. Since we were always on her constant case about when she was going to quit. Now she is 63 years old and is now on medication for her asthma and stuff like that. Her husband my stepfather is the same way as her. Since he used to be a pipe smoker. But had to quit some years ago. And he now has a mild form of copd. And as for my now late father. He died on his 63rd birthday back in 2011. He had prostate cancer. And guess what he was a smoker as well. His prostate cancer was either from his smoking. Or from when he was exposed to Agent Orange. During the 2 years he spent in the Vietnam War. Makes me extremely glad that me and my brother don't smoke at all. And we both can breathe just fine. Because we didn't make a very stupid mistake by smoking. And for this girl to have asthma and be a smoker it is no wonder why this girl is dead now. Because you have to be a real idiot to start smoking to begin while having asthma. And to hear she was a mother of 2 young kids. If she was a good mother she would have thought about her kids first. And stop smoking immediately. I'm sorry but when I hear stories about smokers it just makes me really angry. And I am not sympathetic when it comes to them. Since I lived with smokers for more than half my life. And I lost about 3 or 4 relatives because of their smoking habit. I even have an aunt who from what I had heard had her one lung removed. Because of her constant smoking. And as far as I know she is still smoking. Because she refuses to quit. So you have to excuse me for showing only anger towards the idiot in this story. When it comes to smokers I show 100% no sympathy towards them what so ever. Because it is their own fault for smoking to begin with.

Demon Spawn

but that moment where ash doesnt remember every thing that has happened to/around him after the seasons and movies.


7:18 is harry potter on a budget and he only knows expelliarmus

geoff gough

hey Garrett how does snow taste

Aleksander Vasilev

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Michael Faubion

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My legs were shaking the whole time I watched it xD

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Wallman Door

How to get likes:1. Say Who's watching March 2019.

noob lord

Imagine him having PTSD flashbacks when he goes on a plane



Lou Bloom

Great fight for what it was, two great fighters!

Jason Basson

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Why do I watch this video at night,It tortures me.




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Btw so everyone with ocd knows that ocd can be cured if you go to a cigoligist, I have been diagnosed with ocd and I’m 10, sorry for misspelling words. It will get better


Its my bday today as well

M.G. F.N.

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Ryan C

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back when DP used to actually make trick shots instead of just getting hyped for banked 3s

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So we have a couple of years with freedom and a childhood then we work until we die

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shadder train

She has a very good voice

buddy annchuan

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Bird Gaming

If you play this on a speaker you can here the wind

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Batman: AC: Future Arkam Titles?

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And here I thought only blacks could over react.

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Mom said girls can't go to school, only boys can??

Tater Tot

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