450LB MAN BENDS CAST IRON PAN (Frying Pan Fold?) - YouTube

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Ted Anderson

At 5:47, not only does the email itself reference Fahrenheit 451, the writer of the email is "R. Brad Burrie"—short for "Ray Bradbury."

No sense at all

PorChoua Vang

I did too but it was my grandma


yeah just the end of the world


My mom has kidney failure she going for dialysis soon😔

Edins YouTube Channel

Use a nuclear bomb next time

progamer 0315

my friendisthe imaginary dunker

Ella and Unicorns

Oh god

Joshua Backes

Why does it look so much like o I wan on geonosis when he’s fighting the bug


People, THIS is real anxiety. It is an actual, serious mental disorder that rules many people’s lives.

Taco Dita

silent storm maybe?

Me: "This is gonna be good..."


Jill durham

I had a relationship similar to this one. Two of them actually. They were both just friends. Oh well. Life's too short. I was abused by the person I thought was my closest friend. Turns out she was my enemy the whole time. I didn't see these signs at all. They were the small stuff. It was emotional abuse. She blamed me for everything to her mom and her mom threatened to call my mom several times when it was her fault. Now she is in an emotional abusive relationship with some other girl. She won't get out of it. I tried telling her several times Jordan's not who she says she is but she won't listen to me. Her name is Michelle Emily McGhee.

Richard William

You should get the equipment to do a commentary! your gameplay is great quality, but I'd find myself enjoying your videos a lot more with a voice over.

Sal45 Silva65



Guru is simply one of the most underrated youtubers.


now i want a crossover between okami and kingdom hearts


First shot is fake coby’s reaction is different from the different angles in one his lifts his hands from his hips and in the other his hands are on his mouth

matt Moreno

Can’t wait for the music video


I cant do the thunder gun easter egg :(

Brandon Bail

I wish when you guys were in Seattle I could see you guys cause I’m in the Seattle area

FBI Agent

Great story and all, But don't you think you're stretching the story a bit too much at the last part?