4 Beautiful Soundtracks | Relaxing Piano [10min]

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Fenris Lovelock

last part was funny lol.


i think the true darker easter egg of the first one is that that character has progeria and may be the notorious "Tsimfuckis"

Kvell Salvaña

Don't judge me...

Allyssa Wagoner


Ethan Drawz! :D

Why does Cody love ninja stars?!

Not by drinking any less, but by making my own home made jailhouse wine.

M. Bax

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emre güzey


Well I know my goal next hehe

Teodora Koleva

I also have an anxiety


Who that guy he always puts in his videos?

Derek Spellman

Panda is to boss

Shannon Stock


They want me to let it go

Shanjiiv Mr.frost

Do a part 3 bottle flip pls

Some Boi

Hockey battle like agree:3

Got Lime

So you've been to Florida, Guru? And Action Bronson FTW

Angel Diaz

that Dj Khaled at 2:04

Fisher Huff

Merry Christmas BTW it's Christmas eve

Janina Slota

Może ktoś z Polski to ogląda?

KerryWhite's StrangeWorld

on gears of war 3 before the chicken pops out who else thought that it looked like a weenier?


nba players


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Raine Mini

almost all of these are stupid songs >:(

Aaron Davis

who is panda

Leonila Bagunu

I'm the rage monster


I love this channel and your videos lmao.


Is this real, or made up

cian bolger B

panda you ar the best panda ever

Johann Yallanki

I Wish For ABuild A Boat Version 2

Courteney Campbell

Yesss Starbucks I knew it 😭😭😭

Andrew Diaz

In acetion u forgot 1 Easter egg

Gabriel Nedev

Excellent job as always Guru!

Why you delete the blackops video?

christian saccotelli


CreepersGoBoom halo


nolan janzen

Hi u guys should do a stereotype on coaches

Jack Nall

B b bb. Bb b b b b. B. B. B.Bb. B bb b. Bb.B. N

Evan Kim

Flip and Dip


You used the squidward one twice in a row, lazy.

Praveen Bhati

I am playing your game , it’s amazing


Statue of Liberty


Will never worry again. Fuck you all


What happened to rainbow being rainbow?

Le Pepe

This video is so powerfull...im holding back tears