7 Signs You're Dealing With a Psychopath - YouTube

Today, you will learn about the signs of a psychopath, and if you're dealing with one, what to expect! Remember, sociopaths and psychopaths are different in subtle ways that are important to differentiate. There are many interviews with people thought to have psychopathy. This information is meant for educational purposes only.Sources:“Straight” from Bensound.comThanks to Tristan Reed (writing), Troy W. Hudson (narration), and HowlingCreations (animation) for helping to create this video!


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I used to date this girl (she always said she’s a lesbian but actually never dated a girl, but maybe I‘m just feminine enough oh well) and I know that her parents treated her like crap and she actually moved to like another place when she was six. I broke up with her because she was so clingy, did stuff like threatening to kill herself when I gave attention to someone else and generally was too attention seeking and told too many lies in because of that. I don’t get along with her anymore because she’s too much of a drama queen. Maybe she has hysteria... I‘m actually pretty sure about that by now. But I also know that she lies to her therapist about everything. She wouldn’t let people help her. Even tho I wish I could do something.

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