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How about that doctor?


17:09 cutest smile I've ever seen

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2:00. Cody, you killed the GoPro.

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Ewwwww she keeps touching the sink!! I dont have OCD but that grosses me out

Both are true Pro fighters!🥊

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My grandma pass away weeks ago november 4 that was my worst decision ever in my life cause when my grandma lead into a deep coma i was crying everyday im looking st her talking to her and november 3 my dad arrived he is currently working in dubai he just had an emergency leave because of what happened to my grandma his mother my grandma has 4children my dad is the third one while the fourth one was a girl who is also a prent and currently working abroad also i think cambodia or malaysia if im not mistaken that day november 3 we arrived at the hospital ibring my belongings i had this one bag that was full of my clothes and necessary things and when we arrived we go to the icu directly and i wear the suit and talk to my grandma she raised me when both of my parents are working abroad i want to cry so loud but i need to be strong i talk to her i tell her that her son my dad is going home later it was 1pm and we leave the hospital saying that we will cameback later with my dad we leave the hospital around 2:30pm and we directly go to the airport we arrived around like 5:10 and ny dad's arrival is 5 s we waited my dad because he cant get go out of the airplane because one of the passengers money is missing and when we cameback from the hospital it was night like 6-7 if im not mistaken we just bought food at jollibee and we eat jts around 9 when my dad decides that me and ny mom will sleep at my cousin's house with my other cousin so we both agreed i cant sleep at that night it was around 11:30 and im still awake looking at the skies at the balcony outside my cousin's mother which is y dad's siter is coming home too around 3 so i didnt get a sleep i was just looking st the skies when its around 12:30 i tried to sleep but i cant so i just pretend thT i sleep not realizing i fell asleep but not that deep sleep it was just a easy sleep it was around 5am when there is a doorbell that rang so my mom wake up and goes to my other cousin that they arrived i quickly goes up and look if my two cousins are already awake and they are so we proceed to walk downstairs and we saw them we didnt sleep except for my dad and his sister time goes by and it was 6-7 am in the korning when they had a phone call everyone is prepairing and quickly goes to the hospital i knew something bad cameup i want to go but my cousin stop me and that was the worst decision ever not seeing my grandma for the last time we are just waiting there at the house when like every minutes there is someone calling on the telephone and we are just talking about our grandma anf if ever bad things happened me and my two cousins are ready for a long run cause they lived at a subdivision and its just behind the hospital where ny grandma is admitted so were just keep talking about grandma and her condition then this one time i felt nervous i look pale and my cousin ask me if im okay i told him that i got this bad feeling that this next phone call is not a normal phone call it is a bad news and when ther eis a phonecall my cousin quickly pick it up and answered it she quickly goes up and we waited its around 2:30pm when she goes down she is crying and i know what was that for she says that our grandma pass away hearing those words crash me its like my world is breaking i was just crying and crying so me and my two other cousins decided to run but ny other cousin stop us she said that we cant go there we just need to wait u til they came bsck and we are going home where my grandma lives and we will just wait for her it was 4pm when they came back but decided to return to the hospital because of some papers u know and 5pm when my dad arrived he quickly tells me that we need to go home so we do its about 1hr drive home or 2hrs i dont know either i was crying at the car while my dad is beside me cheering me up saying that i will see my grandma gew moments we arrived at my grandma's house its 10pm we decided to go home take a shower brings some clothes and important things and i do bring alot i was just there waiting for my grandma when the time came saw a car that stop infront of ny grandma's house and i was just looking at it i know she is here now so when the moment that the guys get the coffin out of the car i was crying hard and when they passed by me and directly goes inside the house in the living room i cant imagine this happening i wish i was dreaming i wish this was a nightmare only i need to wake up from the reality but reality slaps me saying that it was true it wasnt a nightmare nor a bad dream when they put the coffin i just stay outside becuase ny relatives are going inside when theres no one i come inside and cry looking at my precious grandma i can see in her face that smile she was smiling while sleeping she looks so beautiful in white i was crying there telling her that i already miss her and forgave me for not visiting her the last time after a moment my mom approaches me that i need to sleep but i refuses so i just drink a coffee and eat some breads i sleep about 4am in the morning and i wake up about 6am because of the bread smeels hehehe food i was about to sleep when my dad told me that i cant because people might see me cause guys i do sleep outside the house like a terrace there and i was sleeping at the couch a wooden couch and it hurts so bad but even tho it hurts it was okay for me just to be here with my grandma time pass by and it was already 5pm when we decided to go home and take a shower after it we will be back and so we did after an hour my cousins came here they said sorry because their mom wont allow them to go with her cause u know school it was monday that time and i decided that i will be a week absent i dont care anymore if my grades are not in a good condition i just want to be with my grandma thts all and so we enter the house my cousins cant even look at the coffin they didnt want to see our grandma in that states because if ever they look at the coffin they're sure thatthey ar egoing to cry but i tokd them that they must look at our grandma but they refuses too every night around 11pm until 6am we are there near the coffin looking at our grandma like we are some kinds of bodyguards it was also the thing to do we must look for our grandma and so we did we will sleep nor not it depends on us but if we do sleep we will wakeup around 1-3pm everyday that is what we are doing it was the day if the funeral the day that we will hid our farewell goodbyes to our precious grandma,sister mother and more our relatives are there my cosin played a piano while the other one is singing that day i was just crying hoping again that it was just a nightmare nor a bad dream that i want to wake up that i hope it will fades away but no it was not i cant moveon from that it was the first time celebrating a new year and a christmas withoutour beloved grandma,sister,mother we never knew she will leaves up i actually talk to god i told him that pls gave my grandma strength to fight for this i hope she can be well and i hope she can be with us this christmas and new year but it didint happen until now i am crying my friend understood me and sheknew that i will change because of what happenened and she was right i dont laugh anymore i dont smile anymore i talk less i change tbh and on our house i always shouts my grandma i always called her and my dod stop me saying that my grandma is resting i need to be quiet and he ask me why do i kept shouting i told my dad that u said to me grandma is just here besides us we never knew where she is thats why im shouting so she could hear me and i always shouts i love you my grandma and my dad laugh at my silliness called it silly but i do love it and now i had a dream i was eating at mour grandma's house when i decided to go to the kitchen and wash my plate but before i could ever go to the kitchen well my grandma has 2kitchens one is inside and the other one is outside well i decided to go outside because it was near at the table i just need to walk a little bit and so i did before i reach it i just steph 1foot and i saw my grandma wearing her clothes she was looking at the skies smiling i called her but she didnt look at me i called her so many times until she look at me and smiled i talk to her i tell her why did she leave us why did she gave to gave up i had so many questions asking her but she just smiled at me she stand up from the chair and started walking closer to me m scared but im ahppy to talk to her until she spoke saying that it has some reasons why did she let go and we talk i was crying that time she lend me her ahnds and tol me that i should go with her so we could talk im kinda scared so i refused but she offered me again i miss her so much i mss her smile her voice everything about her so i hug her tightly and she just smiled st me i take her hand we started walking hut before we reach the other side someone called me and when i look at the preson calling me it was my uncle i told him that im going to be back but when i turn my gaze infront of me i saw nothing i didnt even saw my grandma like she fades away by the winds its like a moment i was just holding her hand but i felt a cold breeze and i knew it was her its like she was hugging me then ny mom wake me up it was a dream yes but im happy that i got the chance to talk to her but she didnt even answered my questions and i felt a water on my cheeks and gad i was crying my pillow are titlaly wet my mom ask me why am i crying i told her that i had this dream with ky grandma and she just smiled at me..i miss my grandma i changed because of her i became lonely part of me is missing i feel empty without her how i wish this is just a dream a

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Omg Thai? I'm THAIII

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Побий мене грім, вони роблять це так круто!!!

I end up getting anxiety most days sometimes for no reason

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Cowboys suck


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Can we just talk about the title “I was deported agents my will” it’s not like you wanna get deported.

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More guys

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How are you so perfect


you should do stephan curry please he is amazing anyone else comment if you believe the same thing pleas

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Dude Perfect yo should have a horse game with the legendary shots

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the invisible chest is the inventory of one of the khajiit caravans, not an easter egg

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Barber :

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2:43 uses a kinife in crossbow trickshots

Them: * Fights *

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I hate tY he always win

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I think I need to buy a new PS4 For this Fortnite Updates.



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I’m going to London in 2 days!


the big foot in the predator mission i shot him and he died and came back to the location and i found a golden coyote plant

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Abuse is illegal... THATS THE OBVIOUS ANSWER