9:00 PM - SSC MTS 2019 | English by Sanjeev Sir | Top 10 Questions - YouTube

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Daniel Tentori

fuckface amazing !!!

Rainbow Flower

It's so true!!!! Flashbacks of walking to school with my dad omg! 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣


Nope, this doesn't disappoint

Hope King

Haha it's a ma zing

Kiri Hungerford


Go for the ball, it wing worth getting scolded

Ruben T

Is Tom Cruise really their good buddy?

Alyssa Hewlett

This is the most I’ve ever seen marble act alive

Man: comes back from cheating on wife


time for me to hit the weights!

Potato Man

Soulja Halation?

Nathaniel Levi

That episode was the goat...

Javed Bhatti

Can't Wait For It😫

dingus butt


Research “Geo Engineering” which is basically chemtrails but renamed. They spray the sky and poison the water to dumb us down and stop us from reaching our full potential

Sonia Makker

Air traffic tower shot

Lucy Liu

has Facebook

Taeste the Rainbow -

At least she tried to change..

Addy Saber

This fake

Ashraf Achu


4. Just show the recording in the phone so he would get detention


Oh. I saw this vid and expected the title to say: My Husband Beats Me... At Fornite..


2:39 epic run


Damn nice job Guru, keep it up!

Itsjustmaria 101

I prefer this than with james charles its just better on my opinion

Jordan Ferguson


Melak Osman

Women : this time he hit the baby


How You Unlock The Classic Snake Skin In Deja'Vu Mission ? (Our You are Using A Mod ?)

Gamer Catman

Team neke


My first ever Dude Perfect video I have ever saw

Maria Mata



i jumped when those people from serious sam showed up

Dj DErpS a LoT

I really enjoy how Guru does his videos. He goes through the eggs slow enough to either think into it to understand it or just to get what it is and enjoy the fact that what is there is there. Keep up the work, Guru! :)

Firestar 2525

#4 she is just a hygiene finatic XD

Atrxity Playz

This is. Holy crap.. just wow.

Edward Broonfield

You can't play


Aw just seen your snap! Much love and comfort from me to you and yours all the way from Australia 💙 Always sad to loose someone you love.

(Maybe 50 mil plz)


cough same Engine cough

wyatt 2.0

Bir is beter

Kayla Jackson

Rip and it not your fault you didn't know i feel so sad for you and Rip she will always be there for you

Youtube Central

2:51 credit card?

yo mum

The last one made sense


4:48 lol the text says dynamite dick


Boy if a psycho broke in my house...

Ninahitter Ragland

I found your guys place i live in frisco!!!!

Azemine Qehaja