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guru, come on and tell us what is troubling you. We're here for you man!

benny brown

When he shot the basketball over the rock wall swished it . it bounced back through the rim . freakinsweet

Liv’n With mimasss

Kids react to Central Park five?


Flour blows up? Who knew!!

Idiotic Memer

I ate popcorn while watching this

cookie crusher

no pandas were harmed in the making of this video

Doesn’t have one she was sent to an insane asylum when she confessed to loving you

Erick Marín

You should Reaaaaaally take a look at INTERFACE by Umami

Elizabeth Carr


Kayla ShitsAlot



1:20 god you are 1 inch away to ruin your future


Amazing work Guru again

Teddy vlogs

Are you Australian mate?!?!

Gabby S


cacamola caca6ix9ine


Natarajan S.V

Arrow header

Nimarta Bhasin

I can't stop crying😭

David Lapalus

Why the subtitles are available in Turkish and Korean but not in French?????


Emily O'Sullivan

16:14 Nikkie would be p r o u d of your foundation lips Kristin

Tacos Perfect perfect

Fellow Templar

So to be an artist you have to dress as a punk...

Pernell Evans

I lik your shows

Cici Rosie

Never be afraid!

born in the wrong world

5:30 Aren't these two girls the twins from The Shining?

Lively Frostbite

This totally explains why there is a minecraft video..

Devin Nolte

you should blow up a car

Mike Wade

My friend is eli

lebo:corbin compared me to a baboon that makes him racist


i love you guys lol your lives look like nothing but fun

Bell Iron Fist

They better get that dog out of there

Hannah Plays games

Someone's been watching coronation street

Aaron Emmanuel

Ok... What did the twins do other than be there and act excited??

Arnol Mangingisda

you gotta know curry and thompson are still there ready to explode anytime, KD is just a decoy

2- CB

fart gun was cool

Xoxo Umji

Muslim? Me too 💞

Cadillac Jack

No one cares if you don’t want to buy the damn game. I ain’t jumping on the band wagon.

Aemilianos #PSG

Amazing idea

Flame Nation

The intro made me die

Jake Godfrey

That's a cool cake🎂

Allii iii

Hit or miss?


No! Panda whyyyy!

Simone Battaglia

When his young hangs out I just want to cry