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Beñat Goitia

The best one was the last one.


Hey guru,I'm not gonna complain but the music is a little distracting, good video though!like always

Kelsey Fournier

Lebron James is a big fat crybaby!

Kewl Idc

Guru kid is a cool name

WindBlaze Anims

The cat's name is "His"


holy fuck. I owned Borderlands for 2-3 years now and I have never seen these before.

Munazah Rizwan

This almost feels like some ones telling my real story

Ошка Боровски

все ничтяк, но бесит как они орут каждый раз что бы не случилось.

Bryan H

"Overhauled visual" my ass

Zaquia Anyell Cruz



My mom had one miscarriage and fall into depression. She tried again after a few months and here I am. . .

Leave it blue if he’s fire 🔥


And in the whole time-travel shindig, the music is Tears for Fears' 'Everybody Wants to Rule the World.'

stellerz lemonfield

tom>ur fave

Royal Osterhoudt

wy did the farmer win an award--he was outstanding in his field

Melanie Ball

wolf and panda


This feels like the terrible Prince of Persia mechanics game.

Mr Shobe

Every Uk trip is wierd in some way


whenever im around someone who smokes I start to suffocate and I can't breathe :& never gonna smoke and never want to it's disgusting and smells like shit

Money Singh

before the Keanu Reeves reveal :- I want this game asap.....

I have ads for Doritos

Craig C6060

Anyone else notice the salt suddenly filled up and switched hands on Ty on the pranksters stereotype?

Adela Brown

dude perfect i love yor videos and everything you post and subscribed and told people about you but i like the redskins

Paul Dessert


Leon Parrilla

Why do people like old classic games now and back then everyone got sick of old games and wanted futuristic stuff Instead

Karkuzhali Prasad

Do is the best

Dylan Belleaud

so good !!


The pilot wasn't trying to land. He flew at full speed into the east side of the cooling towers. This is going to be a Controlled Flight into Terrain (CFIT) crash.

farhaan patel

Jordan dunk




That Was Lame

3:05 I jumped so high💀💀

Mateo Rubinstein

You're the bests

xx duhitzAngelxx

Are you Thai??

Emmanuel Liñán Almazán

The block was wrong

You are god, aren't you? :)

Dennis Damir och Denis Spelar

i cried #sad

murad Hussain

this is life

Peter Frankunas

Dallas sucks EAGLES

Ember 6

This makes me want to hunt


0:02 deadass sounds like shi no numa


Vote for panda

Olivia Pinion

I thought you were with Paten

God works in mysterious ways But karma is a straight up bitch.

Cubs Dude

Germany all the way it’s gonna be 1-0 over Argentina. Calling it. Ha ha

• Slim3slimeyy •

1 like = 1 drop of hope for her to find her friend

TheWither Wither

Gaming trick shot

Nightcore Princess

Always love your mom🌷 she is like a Rose who wonderfully gave you a beautiful life 💓 she is the only person that can understand you💜 she is the only one who truly feels your pain😌 she loves you more than anything. She is your god who gave you this beautiful life to see and thats why she loves you because your hers, your not anyones else, your just your moms little pretty angel, when she gave you this life she took so much of pain just for you and when she gave you this precious gift then she started to cry cry and see that Heavenly true perfect angel in front of her eyes and you know who was it? It was you.... Love your mom because if she wont be there then you ded :)

Danya the gamer

M-my mom has cancer and she is gone die?!?!?!

Doxie Pop Tart

the crysis 2 one was hilarious


Credits - dies

Kalen Thovson

0:52 you can just see the broken glass on the backboard from before that


This channel is beyond quality content. I love this channel so much.... I wanna cry now.

juan brujo

Volley ball