Adele - Set Fire To The Rain (Rock Cover by Our Waking Hour) On iTunes

We picked up some Go Pro 2 cameras and where messing around to learn how to use them for our live shows so we filmed this little video one night in our practice room. Hope you all enjoy it. We are currently working to bring you a professional music video for one of our originals. Go to to check out our originals and go to iTunes to pick up our new album Seconds To Save Her. Please go support Adele and purchase this song of hers as well. We are not trying to out perform Adele by any means. We just thoroughly enjoy this song and her music.Please go watch our new single/lyric video "Amongst The Fray" Love and Music... We encourage you to join the OWH


that shot was fricking awsome!!!!!

playergui 1

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Raven Valentine

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Alex Rivera

Aryani Ariffin


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How did this get so many likes, but thx

Gwendolyn Godfrrey

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Having Tea With the Devil

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Gavin Devine

There needs to be a video for this

GerardWays Telitubbie




Sofi Rébora

Amazing!!! Loved every second of it

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Him: But I never did anything else.

Shahina A

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SamomaS JoJ

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Mega Bashers

Bishhhh. I thought those pillars were from Brave. And what does the title Frozen stands for in this sequel? Does it mean frozen like stone, rock or something?


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