Adventures in Finland!

LDShadowLady takes a trip to Finland with Maddie!I took a trip to Kemi, Finland with my sister Maddie! We had an amazing time in the cold snow. We drove snow mobiles, visited a reindeer farm, stayed in an ice hotel and went dog sledding with Sea Lapland Safaris.

terry oliver


Gerald Yee



Hello it's Jinx, today i'm gonna react to this video ?

Thomas Britton

Maybe impress your stupid or drunk friends


2# Christopher, Ashley

Sfm Nugget

14 screens for ultimate setup, yeah i don't think you need that many screens

Aldi Alpian

Kapan ke indonesia?


#im irish


i am a bit of an introvert but to not a big introvert



The TricKrew

WHY DOES TY ALWAYS WIN?????????????????????????????????

presedent) we will not smoke anymore cuz many people who died smoking and i decided to banned the cigarettes!

Square Tins

Killing zombies with lawn mowers is a reference to the Peter Jackson film 'Braindead' or 'Dead alive'

travis goodband

Giant golf

Zay Thrifty

I would have smacked him just for the lady in yellow

No one Some one

Poor coby


I’m the one who picks the worst teams

Diego and cruz nerf guns diamond boys

At 1:37 Cody said that coby is bad at bow and arrow 🏹 but at 1:41 coby hit the drone so that is revenge for what Cody said

Gilberto Rodriguez


dorq dot

I ate food

Dawson Holbrook

This isn’t basketball dang

P arnuco

Bro if lowry did something even touch him, would’ve been such a huge deal to other perspectives 🤦🏽‍♂️

Viki And Ana O and P

I never trusted my p.e. Teacher

Stargazer Swirl

Oh I cried while watching this, my whole life was without any real friends, I lived like a loner, no one to talk to, no one to dress up with me on twin day, no one even cared. Everyone always said oh I feel bad for you for having to work with her, and they made this game where they touched me and then touched someone else and said oh you have the star touch, btw star is my name,and I always felt left out, I have a hyper personality and people always thought I was autistic or something and to this day I have no friends.😔

Lam Master

Na na na na ..... na na na na ...... Hey Hey Hey ...... goodbye 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😄🤣🤣🤣

Thomas Vavra

It should have been team ty-ger like tiger

Carson ties

I am moving to Texas because of you