A Father's Love

Armored Specter369

Yes a sixth builder I can’t wait to use him 2 years later

Ryan Candelario


Patty Mayo Is my Daddy

Do lacrosse trick shots because I play lacrosse

Brady Black

I mean why didn’t Cory buy a bag there 😂

Brant Werner

Do Tom Brady as next cleberty

Jemcia Micourt élève

Where is James Charles (sister squad)

Matthew Black

Why was bullying censored


4:50 you aren't cool

Babygirl V

Catherine don’t even look excited at all ugh always just looks like ugh Lmaoo if that was me I would of been crying and loving all on my man she just always just blah it’s annoying with how much Austin does for her she never seems excited or care at all

Joanna J

This gives me real BLACK MIRROR VIBES

Jonathan Kersey

i think you shoulddo areal ninja star tost and see whos can go the furthest


I’m definitely the anxious type

Botzy Boi

6:09 so true

Betsy Green

*C L I C K B A I T* The first challenge Michael faces is living with the Tuohy family. Michael was homeless, he didn’t have anywhere to stay, he used the gym as his home. Michael didn’t live with his parents because his mum had drug and alcohol issues and his dad had died when he was young. Blind-side shows a low angle of Michael walking along the footpath, the Tuohy family spotted him, “What is he wearing? It’s freezing,” said Mrs Tuohy. Mr Tuohy wound down his window and asked where Michael was going, “The gym” said Michael, he carried on. Mrs Tuohy couldn’t bear to leave him out in the rain, “Turn around,” she said, they asked Michael to come home with them as he had no place to stay. This showed that they were a kind generous family.

Lucas Orychock

1:42 Cody 😂😂

brian Uribe

Guys I posted what happened in my yt

Veyjhawn gorham

da fuq

Kitty Cupacke


Do u get the reference

Vinicius Santos

Make a video about assassins creed

Heena Vegad

Love you videos

ranjith balakrishnan

We need a bedtime stereotypes

IDC anymore

please sub to me thx

Oli Vlogz

The last one tho

Padigela Vivekananda

it's name is nug it

Bye x

Daniel Howell

WARMING:THE FOLLOWING COMMENT MIGHT BE OFFENSIVE TO THOSE WHO HAVE EPILEPSY! One time,my friends,Steve and Shuan were watching Pokémon,and there was flashing lights in the episode that we were watching,their little sister had a seizer. She is fine now though.


Wheel unfortunate:put on ned forrester's stinky costume

Emkata BG

Because you were probably being fat? What do you want him to call you fit?

Travonte Towson

@dreammaster252 that's bull and u know it

Wolf Creed Gaming

3:10 Star War death star pit

Myth Link

When rug is trying to be Mr.Beast -_-


Konnor Chang

First comment is funny

Stones Jones

Its funny how people say they dont fear death..so far.away from.death. It might be seen as 'unethical' (which is relative), to deny the majority's vote to "separate, expel or injure" minorities, however, to deny such (or any) resolutions to the majority vote, is to deny democracy. 0

Jirayuth Porka

Kane & Lynce : Absolution

AJ Metzy

How does someone even find the GTA V type of easter eggs? She atacc

Lancemilby dacles

The kid with a mask is creep out of me

Terrell Rayfield

Hey what are you doing

harlie arti pie

i have a story that is kinda heart breaking and .. inspirational it was when i was 10 and my dad left me for my best friends mother ... my friend told me that my dad stoped by her house in the middle of the night i told my mam and she was furious. my mam asked my dad and he responded with a "she is a ... "

Alessandra Bugna_yt

she sadist bois