Animal Boogie - JAMaROO Kids (Children's Story & Song)

Teacher Jamaica shares one of her favorite singalong books The Animal Boogie by Debbie Harter. We hope you enjoy this Barefoot Book as much as our students.If you love this book, you will love all our music and stories for kids - subscribe to our Youtube channel and leave your favorite song or story in the comments below - we will video it asap!you would like to buy books like this one click here: if you want to take a class with JAMaROO Kids we offer classes all over the SF Bay Area - check out our website for dates and times - no registration required!

karma akabane

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Kareem Abbas


The main focus was supposed to be the bride. Not a lousy waitress.

Cecil Arthurton

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TP88 Turtlepower88

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I like your drawings 😊


Can I play a game at the same time?

Andres Bravo


Ralph Cornelius Castro

One question: how is Frozen: The Broadway Musical going to incorporate the plot of the sequel into its play?

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No one:9year olds:Like if you watched this before it was in the recommendation

Pulse24 x

I remember when I was about 9 years old and my family moved from Australia to the US and we went to an Outback Steakhouse thinking it was from Australia, but it wasn't... we thought it was so weird that nobody was Australian haha. This was back in the 90's.

\\sugar bliss//

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Jake Paul

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Rashad Brown

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Chloe's World

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Joelianna Banzon

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average gamer

FunWithGuru, you said you liked Inside, why is that? Do you like the story?

I'm Alyssa

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