Animals for Children with Blippi | The Sting Ray and Fish!

Blippi tours around the Florida Aquarium to learn about sea animals for children. This video of Blippi at the aquarium is a fun way for your children to learn about fish, sharks, sea turtles, and more! The Blippi aquarium video is a special look at what its like behind the scenes at an aquarium.


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987 Magroll

@hljgubh yeah i totally agree! also! dude you would probably enjoy this online game ->

omar khan

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Sophia Bernal

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Thomas Pullara

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you should do a second video for dishonored, the amount of easter eggs in that game...

Peanut Butter

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FunWithGuru i know you do easter eggs and all but will you do like walkthroughs or co-op play? Because i would love to play with you in some sort of zombie game or a co-op walk through!


I hahe a cool idea. Make a video:Dude Perfect VS The Avengers

Awwww,I love this story!


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