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Sorry if I am so mumbly and all over the place in this video, but hope you all enjoy it and find it useful!Ethnicity and internal factors - Labelling- GILLBORN AND YOUDELL - teachers had 'racialised expectations' about black pupils and expected to have to discipline them more. black pupils were more likely to be punished for the same behaviour as white students as well as underestimated- OLSER - black student suffered more from unrecorded exclusions- WRIGHT - Asian primary students were stereotyped, assumed they didn't know much English so were spoken to more simplistically, had their names pronounced incorrectly and treated as problems that teachers could ignorePupil responses and subcultures- MIRZA - not all pupils develop coping strategies for teacher labelling. three types of teachers: colour blind racism (all students are equal but racism is challenged), liberal chauvinists (black pupils are culturally deprived), overt racists (black pupils are inferior and actively discriminate)- SEWELL - 4 main responses to teacher racism: conformity (black pupils accept the values of the school), rebellion (reject the values of the school and create a subculture), retreatism (retreat from school) and innovation (pro-education but anti school)link to the powerpoint is:

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