Aqua Aerobics - Noodle Workout 2 - YouTube

This is a basic aqua aerobics workout using a pool noodle. These moves will challenge the whole body and using the buoyancy resistance of the noodle can be used to work against as well as use to allow you to float and carry out the move.I hope you enjoy it :-)

Destro Mania

TEAM EDGE: "Googly Eyes background music in the intro." -The Pizza Planet Truck is one of the participants in the Thunder Hollow Demolition Derby.

Sophia southforce

That's this sad thing because of trump Americans have no health insurance

I farted and fell out of bed while sleeping

me. grabs a pistol being diabetic for me is now just a habit

Ben Victorson

Tyler looks like a white james Harden

xd MinuteMxid

Tim is our Tony Stark,he wasn’t selfish and didn’t risk others lives.He took his own to save others RIP 👏

Just a filipino named jake

I like the art style but gotta admit i prefer the old art style. it's not loud and compliments the story. The art style In my humble opinion is Kinda distracting.

Ashley Nicol


Demoknight 69

love your vids mate

What's Your Name?

That was a RC fish 😂😂😂

You should have waited till Eminem have died!

Okay, but can I get a free one for having an Xbox for almost a decade?


13:57 miért beszél a csávó magyarúl ?


You missed one Easter egg inn the epilogue. When you leave the house and go right there's a jeep with the licence plate ND1984. That's Naughty Dog and it was founded in 1984.

Eri Ariansyah


Colin Hislop

Me watching in 2018

Acting Anna

why do feel like this is fake

Vulter 44

Just realize this is the demo, it isn’t at its full state rn.

ShaDyHerO6766 Smith

Those were so fakeFAKE

I say I'm fat..

Camilla Viviana Carrozza Trejo

It was obvious

Jeff Gomez

You should do dak Prescott