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Dre Montoya

Yeah, 3 of the airplanes engines burned out, and we went into a tailspin, crashed into a hillside, the plane exploded into a giant fireball, and everybody died! Except for me, y'know why? Cuz I had my tray table up, and my seat back in the full upright position!

E.T. Carr

We ALL need a Halle Berry in our lives.

James Pool

At least they won at least 1 game

Maija Kantola

They changed the tittle

Maelie Time

5:03 you go girl

aris manuel villasin

We all have an Ann

Demons in my brain and they wanna go


lol she can’t be serious with that, obvious fake butt🙄

Ciprian Ghiţă

what do you do with someone with short legs and walks twice as fast as you ?


no... no... just no...

Ernad Coragic

He guessed a beaver but couldn’t guess checkers I am so disappointed


snow white, Batman and more. this game is full of Easter eggs. XD

Bayaraa Gelenhuu

im gunna change my ways

ricardo salyano


MedTHC Ontario

Loving the comedy bits boys! Bottle over the head stuff, the ref in the go kart soccer, etc. Keep up the great content dudes!

Afroza Parven

cods a bad

Yushokanti nokoschima

Yeah me too and i saw it yesterday caught on camera its awesome its bona fide it means real !!!!

xixox xoxox


TeamPlebsForLife bennett-spilde


Vincent DePalma

Dr.good head

devilgrass gaming

0:53 quack quack quack quack


5.000 subs without videos challange

Aren't we going to talk about that he never took a bath or shit

Isaac Kim

318. Until MRB2 when Ty’s did the exact same thing

Ethan Smith

ha jokes

Hollace Talbot

team coby!!!!!!!!!!

WDB ZX95589

Where’s Thanos? I hope he’s on there

Cathie Bryant

ty you were so close you are awesome

aristotelis sav


senquez bradley

overall finals??? he just scored 47!!! and won game 2 after klay went out!