Are You Sleeping

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Nizaam Pasha

or is joel actually drake in the future whoa...nah jox i know he isnt i just had to say that

Shobitha Balaji

4:31 suits him sooo well🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

William Rioux

Boston Red Sox🔥🔥🔥

oni babie

You have to train your mind and learn how to not give a f*ck what other people think a free spirit is a happy spirit just let go of the stress you give yourself make a bad situation positive don't over think it remind yourself that you matter even when you think you don't you can always be a help in the universe get up and don't complain live your life make better decisions know that you are the best self confidence is key ,when you don't care about what people think you have better experience with things or even life , but if you didn't know everyone has anxiety it's something people have to prevent them from making bad decision ,just don't let anxiety control you it's not about the power it has it's about the power you give it ♥️

angela gacha

i am sorry i know how isit feels i almost lost my sister by that


At the end, the game thinks you are in spectator mode, pressing Y/Triangle swaps spectator from first to third person. You get trapped in third person thanks to a coding error.

Not trying to be rude!

Broken Armor

Team coby noooooooo

De Wey Of da Deval

Bro the tone of that “and I was right” there’s a bit of sadness in Cortana’s voice 😭😭😭


I I can fully confirm that I am depressed...trying to be happy in front of other people is one of the things other depressed people do to not make it obvious that they are depressed.

Elier Romero


[Chorus: Drake, with Chris Brown]


hugs from italy <3

AntDogg Skywalkin

That guitar is so melodic


Was I the only one pleading at the video for her to adopt

Crown Me

J-Johnny k-kun

Worst part is I also walk stupidly fast so I move double the speed

Sofia Cruz


Ioanna Demetriou

Your story made me cry


Thundergun ?

Matua Maru

i love panda

Oscar Kee

silent hill was all just the dog's work? omg... impossible so... all that jumpacares are all from the dog. this is unacceptable!

Sabrecats Midget A 2014

The guy with the blonde beard is panda a {just guessin}




I found severus but not harald xD

Me: my mom

Kim Son Luu


Farooq Ahmed

Whoa, 115 degrees!


Im glad most of these videos aren't real sad that things like this happen in real life




in number 5 i KNEW something portal related would happen. but I thought you would open a portal or see wheatly or something. oh well.

Vanessa Rivera

I love u

Lance Wellman

This made me cry. My father is a functioning alcoholic. He was sober for 3 months and now he’s back on the wagon. My mom and I have been trying our hardest but he has never listened. I


It’s okay... I had strep throat onetime to :<


Iam "My bad guy" ;)

toto roo

omg shut up

Peter C

TEAM COBY!!!!!!!!!!

bennett white

brandon ingram next

Jacob Ramirez


Her day job is working at a circus. Which is kinda depressing because she has to work with all those animals and goofy things yet she still comes home to see a clown 🤡

Falling Star

Wtf am I doing here? WHY YOUTUBE!!!


I used to have appendicitis but I got my appendix removed thank god nothing happened to me


Remember when guru thought it was a bit of a cop out doing part 1 for episode 100? Just shows that when you make amazing content no matter what it is, it will be well received.

DB_ Randy

If I was a girl and I was u I would slap him

Movies: hold my beer

Om Tyagi

Lin dan

Oscar Flores

Very good representation

Justin Case

We'll pay you to go with it for 18 takes.