#assamese।।ভিক্ষাৰী ছোৱালী।। Assamese short film (Dx music)

Hello friends Our 2 nd channelPlease visit this channelছোৱালী।। Assamese short movie।। ভিদেওটো চাই ভাল লাগে like comment shere & suscribe koriboলগতে বেল টো বজাই দিব।।এইটো part ১ part 2 আহিব অতি সোনকালে


5:38 egg hits 2 eggs Tik Tokers start bullying Jefree on Tik Tok


My name is with I I’m happy

Harry Hague

apple tree with a beever

Poop face McGee

That's awasted but is an awesome video

Cody Bonneville


SpiritOf Me

2nd on trending in Singapore!

Banana Breab

This video is really sad but his name is

Tiggy The tiger

Classic rage monster 🤣

What a joke...

The Gaming Reaper

He looks like ZHC

Sofia Souza

He is drulk

Kirtijyoti Senapati

Hope I get success someday

Maribelke Dawod


vivek kedia

This has to be the most alpha thing ive seen in my entire life



lucy Hatcher

Over da head

Elisha Sell

Cory didn't even parale park....

Ten cents The star tug

Mr beast viewer here

Chris Bier

I think this was the first fist bump and noggin!

Chinonyerem Igwe

Bruh she is so ungrateful i never had good hair and i am not her siting hear crying over hair loss

mat vi britania

what is the sound when guru find the meme in the vr game?


nice work

Aubrie Elliott

Wait, did she just say "choice"? Nah girl, that's not how it works. Your sexuality is determined when you are still in the womb, you have no choice. People don't choose to be lgbtq. I thought this video was going to be something like she kissed her gay friend and now he is straight or something unrealistic like that, but this was better. I feel bad for him, I hate when my parents are strict. And no offense, but religion is terrible, it is harmful, it started one of or the worst war in the history of our planet, it still causes wars, it originated in Egypt when they worshiped the sun and created religion so the men could be in power and called their sun god "Ra" and it is too much to explain here but I will put I link to a site that explains some thing you all should know. It is fine if you aren't using it to hurt people, but you should still know it is all fake. It is hard to explain. But I will give you an example. You know the commandment that says you shouldn't kill? Well, in the bible, god commits GENOCIDE. "He" breaks some of it's own rules! The thing about the woman being the head or submitting to your husband is a freaking METAPHOR. In the bible it literally says to not me a minister of the letter, that means to not take it literally. It is talking about the higher and lower mind. About how you shouldn't let your emotions take over. About meditation and energy. It says that god is in all of us, well that is true, through meditation. When we are bored, we listen to music or tv or something right? Try just being quite and closing your eyes and listening for once. We can connect to our environment, it's energy and life, and play with it. Make ripples in the water, put out or start a flame, sway with the trees, increase or slow the wind, encourage it to rain, knock down stacked plastic cups with our minds, and so much more! It has been programmed out of us, society tells us we are separate from nature, and from god, but we are connected, and we are all tiny gods! We have the power to bend our world within us. It sounds crazy because society tells you it is, but open your mind, and the truth is empowering. Close you mind and choose to say that god has a plan for you or something then fine. But how can you believe in a god when so many terrible things happen in the world? It is no plan, there is no devil, religion has caused much pain. BTW, if Jesus was real, then he wouldn't be white! Also, I am bisexual. PEACE OUT

V45 Vlogs and gaming

Hi dudes your the best YouTubers👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻


why is this trending

Anxietic T-T

I’ll be honest

Amira Cerimovic

Ljudi zasto nema pande

Thiện Phạm Ngọc

17.5 so close!!!


This would be like comedy, if the stupidity behind it wasn't so sad. Being for a UBI is like outing yourself as a complete moron.

Dogs 4life

If someone gives me attention I get severe anxiety

Remember Me

Like u guys wanna meet


Why did YouTube decide to recomend me this after 10 years?

anon person

Okay people you don’t have to support the community but at least fucking respect them I don’t know why people get so fucking mad when they find out you don’t support a community.

aiman shafi

Giveaway pls


Have to say, this is done poorly, there are so many other CS easter eggs...Overpass ATM throwing cash...Office PC screen(fart insted of Start)...

SuperBreadMan _

Anyone else think that the voice that’s playing in the beginning sounds like Vega from doom 2016?



Harry Potter

No offense to these YouTube channels that I’m listingPudiepie Infinite listNinjaSuper Mario Logan Mr beastT sires BUTDUDE PERFECT IS BETTER THAN ALL OF YOU !!!!

Lady Chaos

that was awesome! how far was that?


Lu GioF

Avoidant have just join the chat !

Pixelmando Slaps

Dear guru, may you please make one video with your voice please if not it's okay am your biggest fan that blows

Zuhala Hussien

My dad left me and my older brother and went to Africa when I was about four years old.He used to smoke in front of our faces and the smoke always got to me but I kept quiet.When he left was 6 years ago and when he calls its always about my brother.My older brother went to Africa for a year and when he came back he kept yelling at my mom to bring him back because she promised him to.My mom is the best parent in the world to me but at the same time she always puts lots of weight on my shoulders.I love my family and things are looking up but that will never change the horrible impact my father left on everybody