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Amber Nichole

Selling 2 tickets for the charity event!!! Got different seats so selling these 2.

gamer girl 1235

Omg this is real

V. Baldwin

This video is awesome

Somewhat Deadly

Not for me.




My cat has made my life SO MUCH BETTER!

Yuan Zakari

I hope you didnt see slenderman

komuro redalago

Thanks for this video I cheer up a bit ill ask if MinutsVideos will let me in there video.

Josue Rios

where is garett

Daniel S

Actually, the Goldberg Variations is something that doesn't just tie into the "Hannibal" TV series, but to the films featuring the character. Hannibal Lector listens to the Goldberg Variations just prior to his escape in "Silence of the Lambs." He also listens to it in "Hannibal Rising" when he uses sodium thiopental on himself so he could be able to remember the events at the cabin where his sister died. And I do believe they are also used in the opening of the Ridley Scott "Hannibal" film.


really dude how many takes do u guys have to do? XD if you do that all at the first time your GOD

Hazel Guzman

I need Polly in my life

NotoriousNova0 Notorious

At 3:13 look at Ty in the background!


i think brizil will win

Ghz Rtzer

All his song 💩💩 💩 that autotune never stops

2.have tuexdo or Any shirt

Natalie Lydick

why is no one talking about tiny whisk?!!

Snut Paws

Asher angel ...hey Billy batson .... love you, from India 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳 a big fan of you ever since I've watched Shazam !!! Great song, sending lots of love ...have a great day

White Wolf

I don't like how the title makes it sound like this is canon when it clearly isn't

Dawid Wojacki

2:32 Kelpie was Ciri's horse in the Witcher book I have studied this, and come up with numerous philosophies on what will happen. Which one do you think will take over? Will these philosophies be taken on board by people, democrats or dictators. Will some ruthless dictator warp my ideas and use it to justify the murder of tens of millions. I hope not. Me: he be on lsd

Blessings Deliverance

Steph is an amazing team leader. Praying for KD. He's one of my favs.

samuel leung

my best score is 63

Tamar Mebonia

And now it's time to crush that replay button...

S Walther

I love Harry Potter

Sid vlog

do the remote cantrol car racings battle

All 5 Playing

Big Daddy

Watching you on The Chef Show made me realise how short you are.

Lucas Edmonds

Jeff Goldblum Jurassic park famous actor


dp should go to the nEXT LEVEL

Elon Musk vs Tony Stark

Im single Pringle and ready to mingle Hot and spicy

I mean who likes the rage monsters

Timmedietom Fonteyneuu

I never understood what's so funny about ruining somebody's life...

Alice Angel

I'm bipolar and I see things that are normal.

FlippinG My BrEAd CrUmS


My first words was when I was 1 hour old it’s so rare to say a word at that age but my first word is NO

Scott Lynch, Tales of the Far West

Megan Esp

Isn’t it dangerous to go on the ski lift?

Deano 123

1:20 NO! His name is lt Dan



Georgina Mejía

Panda is the best


Sooo mean

tomas cancel


Crissy samuels

This was too funny.

non ofyo business

Oh snap moana came to take the crown

safa hamandi

Wtf i watched the video because i thought he will be straight and fall in love with her , i was waiting



Liam Duggan

The drivin in gta 4 was shit you couldnt turn a fucking corner