A Very Delicate Matter

Before Zach Galligan starred in the two best movies ever made in the history of cinema, battling mischievous green monsters-------he had to deal with something far more dangerous and devastating-----VD!The fact is that Gremlins is fictitious, those party animal monsters don't exist in real life----but gonorrhea is very real!!!In this 1982 TV special, Galligan plays a teen whose girlfriend gets the clap----and then unfortunately infects him.I had actually never heard of this program until June 14, 1990 -----(coincidentally the day before Gremlins 2 was to open nationwide lol), when I was in 8th grade and my sex education teacher, Ms. Kris Thompson, put this film on for the class.I had not seen it since then, and just recently I was lucky to find a copy of the program, because it is nearly impossible to find these days!Here is the cautionary tale for everyone to see now for your viewing pleasure...PLEASE NOTE:Absolutely no copyright infringement intended, I am NOT posting this for any type of monetary gain whatsoever, just thought people might enjoy seeing it.

Zachary Shinya

His wife “says your ugly”. His wife says “I love you”

Marko and friends

2019 anyone!

Tha_Gacha_ Sisters

3:06 look and count the fingers😮😯


No fishing rods were harmed during the making of this video

Ariel XYZ

I didn't see his "brother" DanTDM in it.

Mr BigMan

The thing i hate about this game is that when you fall 2 feet half your health is gone

J.K ROWLING!??!!!???!

P 7 5 D

this would be better with omen on it

Tiffany Hatchell




Noo Moon

That happens with my well going to be older sister

Lps wolf lover 34

Ur beautiful the way you are

Fabian Z

yeah but ww1 is so boring... so Call of duty is better

Marisa Dutridge

What is gray andhas 90 eyesand has a 9 inch but Crack ? UGLY

Anatoly Dyatlov

Too bad this game is for kids now

Abrar Ahmed Abyeaz

Humanity is to care about other humans doesn’t matter white or black not even 0.001%

Mohamed Ahmed

You are laughing

Andrew Davidson

Well, that's one persistent guy right there.

Me I can’t believe YOU did that to your friend


Hey along the paper an eater egg there was a flyer that was made to look for Bolt in the movie "Bolt" after he escaped and got lost

Doggie Gatcha Gal

Cant u just adipt a kid?


MrBeast please give me money

Itachi Uchiha

But he can't play for the browns🏈💩💩💩

Cesar Benitez

Wow that was high

Sinu Niko

Hi I like you guys I have been watching this video my is Ken


ardian gaming



I need a Jenna Marbles pet clothing line at Petsmart please

Victor Kremer

I have never met my dad but when I'm 18 I'm going to try and find him


Youguys should do a baseball stereo type video

taeyeon svn

Just a sentence : can't wait

Rachel Custer

you missed something, around 10:30 and 11:30 (in game time) go to the greybeards, the door will be unlocked, go in there and you will see all of the greybeards dancing and one is naked O.o

Felix Pewdie

Who Cleans Up After The Ragemonster


”why is grandma black?”

Abhishek Rajwanshi

These guys got balls... so many .

yeh boi

My mom also has a kidney disease and i just hope that she was healthy.

Licha Mondragon

I'm going to sing a song for you! (Oh no...) It goes a little something like this: Gunzerkering! Gunzerking! Gunzerking kicks ass! (Please stop.... my ears...) Gunzerking! Gunzerking! Gunzerking is the best! (I'm dying!) Gaige, shut up! Gaige, shut up! Gunzerking kicks ass and is the best! (This isn't even relevant to the video!) ¡No me importa! ¡No me importa! Gunzerking still kicks ass! (Bleh. I'm dead.) Mentirosa.


i alaways love easter eggs... you are the best!!!

Charlene Walker

get it girl, continued blessings

gamer ip

who is panda

jonathan castro

Wheres harry doe

Andyyy Wu


Emily Silvernail

I GOT IT FOR ONCE! It's Elon Musk!

Zoe Chanel

We dont need frozen 2 cmon

Joevin Chen

Whose watching in 2017?