Bacho ko padhane ka tarika | बच्चों को होमवर्क कैसे करवाएं। bacho ko yaad kaise karwaye - YouTube

Is video me bataya gaya hai ki baccho ko kaise padhaye, bacho ko , bacho me padhayi ki aadat kaise daale, bacho ko padhai ke liye kaise motive kare, bacho ko padhne ka sahi tarika kya hota hai. How to create interest in children for studies. Actually parents specially mothersbacho ki padhai ka bahut load leti hai , par tension mat lijiye ye video dekhiye.Bacho Ko likhna kaise sikhaye,bacho ko handle karne ke tips janane ke liye ye video dekhe: ko homework kaise karaye part -2 ke liye video dekhe:page : :

Jacqui Gutteridge

Ty WINNSS!!!!!

Drew Barber

After watching this battle I realized that it’sCobyCoreyCody

Cain's corner


Nigway For life

1:39 when your older sibling finds out you took something from them.

Agustín Ríos

The Anakin corpse thing is so stupid! It could be anyone!


I fuckin' love your sense of humour.

Martha Alvarez

Alll of them

Mom: ItS ThAt gOD dAmN PhOnE


Here's another one: In the bookshop (or ist it a library?) in Pittsburgh you can find a red book on a shelf by the title "1,001 Ways to Cook Squirrel", foreshadowing a later line by Ellie about eating squirrels.

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Remake please!!! ps5

Chicken nugget Theif


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Why do they always get babies? BRUH

Heather Nejman


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Alice Hamilton Jones

i can't believe it! Coby you should have just tied it

RupTure STaTiiC

I remember how hardcore cod was

jja takeira

My favr movie but i'm 20


Division is a disappointment

Friends from The planets



So now that  Tyson Chandler lives in Dallas, do you think he goes hot tubbing with them?

Star Moon

FOR GIRL ONLY IF BOY YOU PERVERT😠😠Imagine YOU ARE THE ONE WHO HAVE LOST HER BIKINI what will you do ??🙄 ................................if you say you want to kill yourself because of embarrassment😶😲😖😢 then like my comment 😴

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halloween please that will be so cool

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What game is this

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Wolf and panda are the best dancers

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I love you more than anyone


yes i like it

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LeLe u're just amzing..

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Level 9999 boss : you are already dead

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Team necklace

Alex Tran

I also liked the police part it was funny too😂😂😂

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Should you show bloopers


I chair kicked a grandma but I didn’t know it was a grandma until the end of the movie ( 1 like = 1 prayer )

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Who has left over steak and mashed potatoes?

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Which one came first: they Ty or the Ball?


What about the assassin that shows up in the Drustvar wedding flashback, teleports behind the groom , and says “Nothing personal kid” before killing him? Or the “lazy caterer” that you fight when you click the wedding cake that cries out “Its a piece of cake to bake a pretty cake!”?

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100 Mio views 🎉🎊💪😀

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Good old times :D

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Hearing her try not to cry breaks my heart


Pop out another time feat playboi carti and travis scott

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When I was 5 my mother lost my baby brother. That day was miserable all my family kept crying and my mom, she was in tears. Its been around 6 years from that day and I still miss him(even though I never met him) I feel pretty close to him and I know that he is my family's guardian angel.

Circus Psycho

Well welcome to America, where you don't Judge for yourself


I thought this was already discussed and proven years back. Oh well 2019 the year of remakes. I still loved the video though.


What do you use instead of coconut milk if you live in a doomed country where you have to drive 2 hrs to buy it?