Badanamu Super Hits Vol 3 - 126min

Get ready for the biggest, coolest funnest Badanamu Super Hits ever!It's 126 minutes long! Yes, over 2 hours of Badanamu songs including the cutest nursery rhymes, thecoolest dance offs and the most sensational pop songs. Lets start singing and dancing together!Time to turn the volume up!

Daniel R

There is another easter egg within the Mario area, if you manage to jump on the blocks that are placed in the battle room and get to the top you will be able to pass the first treasure room and find another one.

Lonely Girl

Eat chocolate every time she says money


Looks good all this but bet they have about 10,000 goes before getting the shot

David G

it could have been windy who knows

Savage Boi23

Why did I think this was DBX3 mix with DBFZ

Will the SAVAGE 101


Lola Moore

2:29 lol

ⓓⓐⓝⓩ ⓓⓐⓝⓘⓐⓛ

Sir you are the easter egg master.

Diamond Heart

U had to stand up for yourself and tell him that he bad person is him bc he is cheating he is a liar and then leave anf yell at him


If the sport was tackling trees he would be a champ

Rolls Reus

6:58 cheeky guru... Cheeky

Khalil Ahmad

Sorry Cory

Rudy Jansma

CRAZY SHOT Respect!!

I really want to see your face ^^

Andrew Matanmi


But my arms are skinny af..

Cody Bolen

Do gym nxt

TMac Mac

Rip old guy😭😭😭

Alexis Arau

Love you Asher!!! You and Annie are soo cute together! Love it!

Needles in my feedles



This game is beautiful!

The Screaming Singer

damn slavs 😂