Baghban and Me | Stand-Up Comedy by Chirayu Mistry

A funny take on Baghban and a TV show. I hope you like it.Shot at Canvas Laugh Club, Mumbai.Edited by: Chirayu MistryPackaged By: Aariz Saiyed.Sound Mixing and Mastering: Aariz Saiyed.Color Grading by: Hetan Shah (Friends Republic)Special Thanks: The Comedy Factory.For Show Enquiries Email at

Anthony Ludalvi Vista

No one:Disney: say no morecreates Avengers but Barbie

A potato flew around My room before you came

Go you I am lonely af


I'm 13 but i still want to watch this movie

WWE FanAddicts

From the top of the AT&T Stadium

Ryan Lenno

on one is the games around 1:25 was that coach from left 4 dead 2

Taofeeqah Ibrahim

Anyone read "am I normal yet?" Such a good book like this story

Stomer Stevens

Is the rage monster real of do you actually plan it?

Irelynn Sartorius

Who had subtitles

Cayden Trunck


Aaron K.

@golferkid1234 i meant the android release haha

Rick Abloh


Rami Mussa

People say cigarettes are bad so why do people make them


Before Easter eggs were much better

Birgan Angelov

ich libe fornite

GM Freeman

Your life isn't over. A new life has begun.


hahaha he had a knife!


The Saints Row one caught me off guard and was really random. :D


he took an arrow to the knee

Davis Meeks

DP IS MY LIFE!!!!!!👍🏻😀

But I'm still pretty normal aside from ADHD/ADD


Jayden O'Dette

I scored 142 points

Seema Sharma

Did you like smoothie ?


I can't wait to smack each and every child that sings obnoxiously

Angel Bazaldua

How did he do the nickel??🧐🧐🧐😯😯


the tiny pistle is from men in black 


just make fuckin basketball vids

mister seda 09ot hovhannisyan


Dad: wow how could you think that I'd ever cheat on your mother omg how little do you think of me

Leon B.E

Actually there are a lot of unmarried women who are ok with going out with married men. They really dont care if it breaks their home.

Rooofy Wareef

I feel bad for him

Eduardo Castaneda

5:01 lmao

actor swarlin


ExpXD Max & Cuan

Not complaining, we were just asking

Jerod Seepaul

Try dehydrating or freeze drying caramel and chocolate please