BALDI'S BASICS - Educational Horror Game

Baldi's Basics: Basics in Education and Learning was made in a game jam, and features a very stern teacher that hates incorrect answers. Thanks for watching!Twitch ► ►► ► ►art by - oweeo - music by - Artificial Construct - avatar by - Galoo Game Lady -

Jainam Shah

Sometimes this all looks like fake graphic trick's


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How to make a trailer

Reaper Balkan Gamer

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I do have to ask,does anyone know more about that hidden scene with samantha and eddie,like could someone send me a link to a video going in detail about it,is it an actual zombie apocalypse? is it a war theyre in the middle of,what the actual fuck

Grand Dad

Haha dead mom dab

Kieran Cusack

bethesda likes movie refrenses don't they


please make some easter eggs from ghiblis movies

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Russia Forever

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Shubham Garg

"I won't let anything happen to her" - says the normal chick to the Ice producing Lady

but then i made a very very very bad choice we became friends again...

PaleoFisher The barrionix

This is hilarious and amazing!

Real Estate

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Ben Ritchie

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Diego Torres

Is so good!

Logan Arnett

Hey guru what is one of your most favorite games

Hunter Rann

Team coby all the way

Kosta Ilieski

I don't know how I ended up here

15k Subs with no video challenge


Amanda Quinn

Your story is beautiful

Cartier xzッ

best live action anime

Emily Grace Asbell

this is so wholesome omg- 😭😭💗

DiamondFrost Gaming

What an amazing drawing animation, I'm also a anime fan


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Macaria Sosa De Santos


Emily Ludwig

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Richard L.

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I swear he look photoshopped those illusions museums where they make u big af

darren taylor

Brilliant thanks enjoyed it

Cyd S.

Awesome :D

RE 7

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I was about to say, "how did he make #10?" and then I remembered...THIS IS DUDE PERFECT!!!

Bobby Russo

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Gaye Williams

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Carter Griggs

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SR rockers

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Muhammad Haider Ali

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Rolling Coasters

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The clown


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Is it just me or does 0:00 sound like the beginning of the some Without Me by Halsey?

Rolando Olguin

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