BALDI'S BASICS VS SUPER MARIO & SONIC! THE MOVIE! (Official) Baldi Minecraft Animation Horror Game - YouTube

If Super Mario and Sonic was in Baldi's Basics. An Animation in Minecraft world where Super Mario and Sonic goes to the School where Baldi, Playtime, The Principal of Truth, and more are. Can you find the hidden items? This is THE FULL MOVIE! Enjoy my 3D animation. Please like and share with all your friends and don't forget to Subscribe and Join the road to 2Mil! ━► YOU. Add my INSTAGRAM below! I'll be updating you there!Thanks to PHD McStuffin as Baldi from VRCHAT! (The Voice of Mario's Baldi)Thanks to for Voicing Peach! Special thanks to Futuristichub (Hey that's me! For the voice of Mario) and the voice of Sonic The Hedgehog's BaldiPlease don't re-upload my videos without my permission. These things take time to create. Thank you!This is BALDI VS SUPER MARIO & SONIC! ! Official Minecraft Animation Game Horror and Fun! Welcome to the School house. Want more Baldi? BALDI'S BASICS IN MINECRAFT is just around the corner! Subscribe! If Mario and Sonic was In Baldi's Basics, this is a taste of what you would see.


I love red vs blue I'm gonna go try these thanks for the easter eggs. :)

Spilled Tea

I feel deja vu all the time

Jacqueline Edge


lego Maniac

Anyone else realize Tyler is always the rage monster

The cool Channel

How can she remember everything that happened when,like she said in the video, couldn’t remember mostly anything? 😂 this is how I know these stories are fake. Don’t get me wrong they are VERY entertaining! 🤣🤣🤣

Paige Robinette

I CANT seem to do the "1980" THING IS it broke or patched

Ang elo

We all know kawhi is a good defender. But I don't think he can stop Durant in scoring.

Kaiti Reeves

You should do a “best of”/“favorites” palette and put all your favorite shadows from all your palettes into one

Can Hergeleci


Priya Panwar

I want to meet you DP pelase come India to show your talent liveat uttrakhand

North Korea: Where we dropping the bombs bois

Walter K

Is that a motherf*cking dark souls easter egg?


The fact that you noticed the incredibles Easter egg makes me concerned for your well being. How do you even know the company’s name in the first place.


Yup :I

Petty RJ

Will there be a song that can top Let It Go?

Info Froilez

yeah right! 100% edited. c'mon after 25 try outs. don't show yourselves like super confident.


I rate this video 9/11



3:31 family guy(again)

Kent Huang

Leave him now. You deserve much better than him and he definitely doesn’t deserve someone like you.