Balloon powered car... Very simple projects for kids

Build a car powered by nothing but air..!! A balloon powered car pushes air back through the nozzle and moves forward. This is the best activity for kids.It is a filled with fun and creativity.Kids get an opportunity to design their own body and can do a competition to find the fastest car.Balloon powered car is a pure maker centred learning activity through which kids learn the basics of science through practical examples.Doers'club students all over India has completed this session with huge success.If u like the program, please subcribe us or invite us to conduct workshop at your place

Arakin: uh my name is Maserati

Mashed Potatoes


Iri Sch

I am a huge fan.

The Gilliams

And dont forget johnny brovo. "This is so fun. "I cant remember the last time i was blindfolded" "Oh wait. Yes I can"

Super Awesome 666

Do a trick shot at Niagara Falls!


if anyone is watching this video. people who psychiatrists has made an oath to listen to people and to help them even if they're the worst person in the world. Don't listen to this video. If there's something wrong with you talk to your parents or go to a psychiatrist.

Joshua Curey

Okay, now we have 7-12 on PS4, so now where’s 13?

May And Bella

I hate it when ppl in my calls say I have ocd I’m just a perfectionist 💁🏼‍♀️

Jalebi Milk

You got the worlds best tennis player now get worlds best football player


2:20 that's what she said


Where’s the rainbow six battle royale

Allen Luie

League of legends.

violet sackinzi

this is why im not having children. but i really want too, but the pain!

Gordon Ramsey


Dimitur Jelev

panda never talks :D

Luiz Otávio

Quem é brasileiro da like e quem percebeu q no final quando ele acertou a bola ele estava com a blusa do Brasil o ultimo da like tbm

Alex Smith

What did you losers censor???

Syed Farhad Hussain

Next should be video game stereotypes

Rhain Galdones


Zakk Beaty

u spelled damn wrong and when is ur next video

Azhar Mazimba

This is creepy

Bear Skills


gacha music town

~I'm so sorry for her the worst thing about it was she saw the whole thing well things always get better~