Barbie Doll LOL School Graduation! Morning Routine - Last Day of School! - YouTube

Barbie doll lol families morning routine for the last day of school! Punk boi family morning routine, Splatters morning routine, Baby Goldie morning routine with teacher's pet and sk8er girl. the mommy and daddy make breakfast! The kids get ready for their big school graduation! They get to wear a real graduation cap! the kids are so excited to walk the stage and get their diploma they are starting kindergarten! Customized LOL Doll Rapunzel Princess with real long hair!Barbie Doll LOL Aladdin Family Morning Travel Routine in Pink Barbie AirplaneLOL Surprise Princess Jasmine and AladdinBarbie Airplane jet Getting Married? LOL Punk Boi & Baby Goldie Start in Frozen Musical in Barbie School ShowDollhouse LOL Family School Morning Routine -LOL Punk Boi Bullies Baby GoldieDollhouse LOL Family Fun Morning Routine in Playgroundfun Barbie Doll LOL Family Videos:Barbie Doll LOL Family Slumber Party Evening Routine Playdate with Baby GoldieYou Marry Me ? Supreme Bff LOL Surprise Wedding Proposal Fail - Toy VideoHelps LOL Family Move to New LOL Surprise Dollhouse with PoolDoll LOL Family Morning Travel Routine in The Playground & SupermarketDoll Family LOL Surprise Baby Morning Routine - Toddler Bedroom and Baby NurseryPunk Boi Family Barbie Pool Routine with LOL Vacay Baby FamilyBarbie DIY LOL Surprise Family - Ken, Skipper, Stacie, and ChelseaDoll LOLJet Set Qt Family Morning Travel Routine in Pink Barbie Airport


Im definitely the anxious one.. Serge lbaka: led the league in blocks and steals

Harman Gill

LOL. Police did not care.

Jess Sheasby

Apart from a mega nerf dart was anything different in balloon buster trick shot?

NerfLucio lmao

each ther as targets?


Tyler and his dad are like twins


Expected every one to be spamming lenny faces in the comment section

Kelly Knight



Don't make things up in your head

Ramses production

thats what all the girls say

João Pedro Accinelli

"Redrum" written on a dormitory's door, of Red Room of "The Shinning" (1980).

Eli and Chuck E Cheese Playtime

Wow! that was intense! can't wait for this game!

Poison Pixel

What a hero. Sacrificed himself instead of killing others. Prayers to his Family. 🙏🏻


Half of the people reacting to the flower video are so freaking soft. There is no way they can live much longer

Ezra Duffield

101% coby win in a reverse world😂

---- It doesn't get any f***ing bigger than that!!!

Red Arrow

You are like malami


Hopefully she can stop global warming.


We have video proof 4:36 that the panda is coby or Cory and at one point ty

Daltton Bates

You all should race golf carts

Erik Keller


Matt Mason

New overtime video

Did I hit someone?

Edit: it’s sarcasm btw

Aaryan Ramani

do one more of this

Ethan Taube

This looks awesome. I cannot wait for this game

Marco Bosshard

We gonna build a wall and the Ocean will pay for it!

Aprillia-sr50r -

if you don't like eastereggs you can do something else right.

Shelley Christenson

Awww so cute


episode 2? like if u agree

Nitrous Llama

I live in Serbia, and my family doesn't like gay people.. I am not okay with that even though I am not gay. I have nothing wrong with gay/bisexual, ect. I am still questioning my sexuality.

Hayden Sonntag

The would longest sling shot is my favourite shot



Revi Matterson


Powell .Family

Ahhhhh pokemon GO

Me :....

Kyle Schickel

Panda is the dude on the orange bike. Look at the shoes

welcome to bible study we are all children of jesus

The guys hair is getting lighter and lighter per episode