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You literally copied Wansee Entertainment video like wth

Meme Estranho


Salma A

This made me cry

abd aziz

isnt it that mr sunsreen being raicis

ross lund

empire state building new york

Antonio Martinez

Guru no matter what you put out anime, game or shows everything you put out everything is awesome keep up the good work dude

Universal Threat

I had a dream once where I was shot and I felt the real pain in the same spot where I was shot when I woke up. I also had end of the world dreams.


France?. Lol thanks

Morgan Slaugenhoup

What if you have many personalities

Caleb Yazzie

Guru I'm going to be waiting ok

john lee

wow guillermo only makes $500,000 a year.

Maryia Chelkite


skylar 222

If I dont want to go to party i would just say that i dont feel like going i dont need to make up lies thats stupid

Defying Gravity

Banana swirl I don't know what that is Banana swirl

Everybody sing.

TKI Alpha

Ty and gar have the turtle beach head set

Brian Harrell

I’m sending you some mail so ya

Pig Pip

174 dislikes are from the mother using people and threatening them or she will CaLL tHE PoLiCE

SavageCellPhone Z



VERY COOL =O! i LOVE Easter Eggs secrets theyu are op!

Benson Corbett

lets go devils

Martin Ibarra

there is a face, a perfect, erotic face at 1:42-1:44 in the right below corner

I’m Crabby

He is the master baiter

Laura Julian Pedraza Sandoval

Quien está callaito cuando se le pierde la plata a la Teresita 😁😁😂 like plis 😍

Mamaril, Chris William C

0:14 symbol of assasin ? or animus

Andrew Dennison

Still looking for the song

Jinzouningen Juunanagou

how long til nba makes it illegal to dive out for the ball to prevent injury lol

B. Ö.

lil fupacino


About the last fact

haha lol

Fck,don't bullied the animal!

Sue Me


Dominik Toney

scene probably wont actually make it into the movie

Charlie Anne