BEST Chiropractic Adjustment Compilation part1 - YouTube

BEST Chiropractic Adjustment Compilation part1

joseph stephen

00:57 Cory and ty confused 😂😂

Herman Miller


Tommy 125551

why did the guy in the white shorts celebrate i mean he just lost 50 bucks lol

Misha Kornilov

Are you fucking stupid?


lol stuffed

Trey Boudreaux

Thisrage monster was bad


The aifel tower

Wahyu Nanda

Don't believe in global warming

Free Samples



Milk jug blaster


sub to me and i promise i will sub back

Song Remaker

Can someone explain to me what OCD is?

Cheese Wizard

This I mean, I feel peace, with that music, and the revealing of passionately added jokes and secrets.


The whole Samantha thing is really sad. If every teddy bear (I mean the pink ones too) representates her, it just gets really sad :c

jazz lai

keep moving work hard and make yourself happy - that's what he taught us


As always the editing was amazing. Keep it up

Nøvį’š•Päštęł_ Gäłäxÿ•

This one time a guy told me “nudes or I’ll kill myself” and I’m like blocks

Alexz Phan

So he’s Jeff Bezos?


sean kirschner

from witch episode of breaking bad is the scene in the walking dead easteregg

BlackArcher123Gaming 3

I've played space pirates

Steve Smith is a Hall of Famer

The Talos Principle seems like an unbearably difficult game


Show us gameplay plz

Sister: oh hell no

Shreeansh Gupta

That was the start of the popular segment the Rage Monster

Zipz Zipz

This actually looks good-


Topical. You're quite clever.

Emanuele Patti

Ever Ever EverAMAZING!!

No U

Relata—— Not relatable...

Panagiota L

the twins are so cool so is tyler coby cory cody gerid i have no mom but you act like my mom funny whene i was 3 she died but my dad is i arizona so my yaya becka is taking care of me 4 now

ryan deeken

I took a shit to this song

Chelsea Khumalo

Love yu guysss❤️ I'm all the way in SA, I can't go😭

Xavier Naughton

Anyone else crying??? Poor Family, it must be so hard.

Ethan Kulbak

Wasn't there an episode where she referenced the white tiger when someone asked for a different p.i.?

Alexia Valentina

I'm thinking like this almost everyday. I had never thought that I have anxiety...

On spoilers.

Also me: "I want this"

True JRR

Do you like Easter eggs?


Yes yes yes! Did I say yes? I love Elsa. 😍

Im dying😂😂😂


Audio is terrible


This whole time imma be tryin to find out who’s point of view this story is.


“Wassup G”

Julian Salazar

I like how we will be able to play with others similar to raids in Pokémon Go, and the new Pokémon look fresh and worthy of adding to the Dex as well, but Dynamax is such a horrible battle feature idea.. I have never been so disappointed with its poorly thought out, unoriginal ideas for new battle features.

B Sanders

I am definitely the chief chafer😅😅😅


Were the balls being pitched wiffleballs? lol and what speed was the machine pitching at?

Smushy Mom

I want the dress Kristin wore out to dinner. I can't find it on the Manaola website. I'm really sad!

Simple Tech



Out of curiousity, Guru, how long does it take to create one of these videos?

Isabella Mariel

Y'all have no idea how happy I would be to get a robot vacuum.

I love You positivity