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1 dick's sports😂😂Dicj

Cody Hochart

in the cave where the boat is, when you enter the cave, and you turn to your left, there should be a little shelf or little desk thing, and then a bowl of red berries, if you get close to it you can interact with them, and then you eat one, pass out, and then it plays back the moments before you go skydiving :D

100,000 subscribers without a single vid challenge

I really hope you can find a way to cure your cancer niki... 💖😊😇

Ephemeral Q.

If they are "unused" how do you see them in game?


I need Jenna to be my self confidence


There is always be those fucking brain dead retards that'll comment/complain about the video's length size before reading the god damn description like it said in the fucking video itself.

Sunil Badlani

Have a cycle race

Landon C

whats this song called

Angelina C

This slapped me across the face so hard, well done

After watching:So...when's Plunger trick shots 2 coming out?!

LightTim AR

JK 2018

Prabha Biju

I think ronaldo

Matthew Villacis

nhl hall of famer quiz

myn piller

any ida iam po wsx

Davin Stone

Cody said @$!#

Mr EneSwe

Anyone watching in 2019??

Me: I know u are but what am I

William Ford

Jack stillingsame in Canada

For some reason is no longer in my 'subscription's new videos' page.

Sports Pickle


Tor Nilsson


Esther Ratchford

i love the intro


oh damn!!! can't stop laughing, first of all panda having a knife, secondly putting his feet in the trap even after knowing it's a trap, and running so long😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Random Stuff

rodeo stereotypes

Katherine Castro

Omg why are there so many ads

bill conklin

Why do you use avocado oil?

Jackson Bennett

2:47 to Wisconsin?!?!?!


... Or, and go with me on this.

Jeanseny Heredia

Oh. My. God. The. Hype. Is. Real!!


Aww I loved this video, marbles looked so happy


:0 that’s nearly impossible

Tim Gale

Do school sterrotypes

Gizzy Bravo

I don't know if you have already done this, but could you please make a video about your top ten least favorite Easter Eggs?


There's 6 billion

Valia Achtida

This is almost like Black Mirror lmao


492 people where hit by one of the balls.


God please don't disappoint, I haven't had this hype for halo since Reach. I really think 343 might have rediscovered Halo's old spark.


Im just..........fucking crazy

sophia Bernard-Puckett

I went to an anime convention...

Millie Brown

I have asthma so now I'm scared... Well, worried... xd


just because you can throw a basketball doesn't mean you're in the NBA...


that rat brung a tear my eye

Zombie Bully

I'm sorry and they LET you do these things in this store? Lucky...

Tarvis scatt

Congrats bud