Brilliant Homemade TOOL /Ideas

Best mini metal lathe here:is more to watch here:

johnnyperea 12

They have aimbot

Sharalynn Shanley

I have to say James, your comedy has brought a laugh when times were not so great.......

Need Subs to feed my dogs


Kaley Cheyenne

I’m so happy that you guys love your fur babies so much! You gave her the best life and took amazing care of her! Hopefully you can get another baby that needs love! I have four dogs and one has health issues too 😟 I know when she goes it’s going to be heart breaking. I hope you two can just keep her memories alive! Time heals! She was a sweet pup! I’m sure your fur babies are upset too.

Chibi Devanam

Your channel should have 69,00000 subs.


first of all ,i know this cliche well





Why did u delete Easter eggs in COD bo4?

Andrew Right

borderlands 2 is a big easter egg by itself

Dogukan pro 123

I love dude perfect



Nairo Paredes

Son los mejores

Diana Villa

This guy must like Dino's

Lynxy gold crocodile

I have subscribed for you

Eric Twele

What a great new addition to the Star Wars legacy.

Tiago Daniel

Very good that happines of the journalists lol

Kevin Rustles

That was infact his 13,146th try

EJ Marino

Outbacks blooming onion has been disgusting everytime ive tried it. They use strong ass red onion instead of a sweet vidalla.

T.S.Isaac 15

rebrickous beat you guys in lego record