Burger Quiz Saison 3 Emission 38 - YouTube

Alain Chabat, Jérôme Commandeur, Gérard Darmon, Manu Payet, Vincent Dedienne, Anne Depetrini, Alison Wheeler, Haroun, Bruno Salomone, Jean-Paul Rouve, Jonathan cohen, Marina Rollman, Alban Ivanov, Maurice Barthélemy, Alexandre Astier, Max Boublil, Anais Demoustier et Jérôme Commandeur.Cette chaîne n'est pas officielle, elle n'est pas gérée par un bot, mais un humain qui a une vie (famille, travail) merci d'arrêter de demander quand sera en ligne les prochaines émissions, elles le seront quand je les aurais en bonne qualité et que j'aurais le temps de les mettre en ligne. Autre remarque, que l'on n'aime pas un candidat ou un invité est une chose, les insultes en sont une autre, merci donc de comprendre que l'anonymat du net ne vous abstiens pas d'un minimum d'éducation. Tous commentaires insultants sera supprimé (oui, il y a des Juifs, on a compris, pas besoin de commentaires insultant à ce sujet et oui, je bannis à vu car vous n'avez pas votre place ici...), de même que ceux faisant la pub de vos chaînes, merci.

Shaheer Ahmad

fantastic :)


Take my money! Gimme gimme gimme!!!

people who’s name is Brian with a y


Very GooD

Tasha Kennedy-bey

I feel bad for panda

KB the only one

Guys they should make a film about clash of clans,it would be awesome!!!!


on mirros edge if you zoom in on this one guy on that level he looks naked

Lee Hanson

8:51 - Joey's beautiful music

Hudson Gray

0:34 his face

Jeferson Siqueira da Silva

What music?

UMR navY

Thats some family strokes right there

jab 1435

The music is whack

Jenny Sarforgez

hug reassuring pats

Nightshade Kelly

Outback is my favorite

Itan Ucok

Aneh tpi nyata..inilah dia.. Boomerang

Bryner Chavez

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Garrett Lowe

After ty used all that gold bond I could feel the menthol in my pants

Origami Gaming

I know that no human being ever can do this, but it’s super cool to watch.


yall should do jump rope trick shots

kaithekiller x

how wants to see a panda face reveal

Candy Knight

That tech a grk you shod gow to a Davtin techer

Beau Ellis

3:16 Tim tebow


You missed the old bitch that sticks out her tongue in the movie The Constant Gardener during one of the scenes where he's walking in (from what I remember) New York City's streets.

Marcia Mathias

Brasiiiiiiiiiiil quem é BR e ainda ta frustrado com o 7×1

Badgirl Gaming

Last one looked so fake

Ciahna Madeleine

kristin is just so adorable i wanna put her in my pocket

Bello Pantera

Tony is the type of guy to give war a chance motherfuckers hahaha !!!!!

Ha Ha

Take it down! Launch another poll.

Ron Weasley

Of course his names Brent.

Alan Rachnid

Whispers that really weird laugh that Voldemort does during 7 part 2.....

John Henson


「ςαssεγ 」

y e s


Dude Perfect

SUPER EXCITING!!! You guys have made this the #1 Sports Game on Android!!! Thanks for all your support! And we hope your bracket is doing better than ours! - Dude Perfect

Victoria E

Awe!!! You're adorable....

Chloe Productions

I remember my older sister got into a motorcycle accident and broke her leg. She toke ALL the attention. AND I DONT THINK SHE WASNT EVEN THAT HURT!

Fady Ehab

But how did u know that when they said 'you wont remember this convention'????

Breakthrough breakthrough

Curious freak

In your some videos there comes a panda 🐼 who is it