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taj MP9

Coby’s consequences were much harder

Jeff and Stacey Ward

I was trying to be funny


Is this real

Sharleen Simpson

Do it

Gatcha_ Slimez

When I read the title my mouth dropped . LITTARLY.

aoibhinn greene

hey boo i don't have a phone either

Jonathan Doman


Kara Corey Fit Life

I'd love a video on your style!!!! I am always obsessed with your looks



Good luck to this girl!

Emil Pind

We don't give a damn shit about when you're watching and anyone who reads your stupid comment is funny enough watching after you wrote it aka in 2018 so stfu please and stop begging for likes

Banky The Unikitty

In finding dory there's A1 on one seals tag and another seal shows his tag 13 it can also be spotted on one of the fishes tag

Ella Dillon

I will make you feel better!!


i remember reading GLaDOS making a reference to this experiment in the portal comic Lab Rat.


Not single sword in a bonfire was found, and there was much rejoicing

The Cabin in the Woods 2011

Captain Unohana

did i miss something in the last on or was it sympathy of the devil the easter egg?

Al Cuja

Waaait Waaaait so The Zombie Story are only 2 kids Playing Which Plastic Soldiers so its The End of Zombies NOOOOOOOO!

Abigail Jolly

She was depressed because she didn't have a disease


Tony Hawks Series ?

raw cinnamon



Restoration 10000 😭

woro riyantini

7:51 Guru Kids

Kungem Danny

keep up the good work ! i'm surprised that you're making so much videos now o_o

raviteja rt

Can I know the bgm music?

tiger allen

guess that gummy food is a good challenge for people to do

Benvindo Cruz

do you say bad words

Emaleigh shines

I'm in ters

Seher Saqib

Do you guys know about vat 19 dude decent

I didn't know what to write recipe 2: can of coconut milk,cup of frozen blueberrys, rasberry jam, pinch of salt freeze, & enjoy _∫∫ _∫∫ɯ \ \     _∫∫

Francisco Lagunas

U are like pro at finding easter egg guru keep it up

Chase Matchap


Renee Major

Happy birthday marbles! 🎂😘

Mr 1

Stop at 11:17


don't stop doing videos

ty vlogs

Sub to pewdiepie and unsub to t seris

Bob Pooper

I think the ghost wrote in blood "jack" not jock


Dude Perfect VS dc

Yandere DataDigger

should've gotten legally.

Toe Slishy

U should make a track meat stereotype

Purple Flamingo

Orrrrr move to Kansas

Sarah Ahsan

Everyone is so worried about the dress lmaooooo



Ryan Ward

six flags

Eric Sheredy

Make a video with The Harlem Globetrotters