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Ut Oeup

Ooooo Annie is YOU GIRL FRIEND


at 2:04. who else say DJ Khalid

Siddharth Bhargava

That's amazing .Now we all got to know if cotton brothers facing battle individually they wouldbeeliminated early, but if they both are together ,then they can win all these battles. If you think I am right then give a like.


Where's the quiet seen from the thumbnail?

Spicyy memess

This dude: I had a rough patch with my wife


World's Strongest Las...

Aidar Playz

This video came. Out on my friends birthday 7th b-day

Gee Cole

in this track Lil tjay > gunna& lilbaby

Yamete SuPeReME1

Jollibee has ENTERD the chat

KarenniFabulous1 YT

I hate when boys want to do it with them but when they figure out they are pregnant they leave like seriously.

Zach Claiborne


sje films

Wow 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😬

The red and blue

8:18 Oh shit here we go again

Nisan Wells

ty looks weird i dont want to watch this

Yellow Citronツ

10:25 wasn't she 2 years older than you...?

Jaiden: i peed on my wallet

Maddie Locks

Wow i actually cryed

boss dee

Only JenLisa is real. 😍



Satvik Dixit

you guys are great

I Forgot My Username

Great Job! I love it!!

Kip Broem

Thhe real question is what happend to her sister?

Ana Forever31

I can’t believe I let myself get into that position, she said something very important, as women we have to make right choices, it is true that sometimes some women don’t have a choice, but sometimes we do and we should always choose not to let ourselves be in those positions.


@manatyson prove it was his first try not callin it fake but i dont think they did it in one try

Leong Mun

I glad i didn't get this piece of shit and homefront revolution both have great graphic but shit story and gameplay

dylan L

why does ty alawys win


Mooshi mia

This trailer is better than season 8 of Game of Thrones

Kelly Acosta

Awesome group

bobgy stolemycookies

But there dude perfect!

Ethan Perkins

ice cream truck of doom!

Sachin Shakya

i m just a random guy on youtube.


BWprank S

Why do the island 🌴 look like a turkey some what


But what if you just didn't wear anything in the first place?

Landon Caldwell

You have a rage monster in every video like this 😂

lonzo ball

That is impossible some people are doing it for them

Michael Nieto

Why was there sad music at the final fantasy Easter eggs? Did those characters die?

Mahesh Solanki

Givr me this car

And i kept watchinng,

Ethan Villarreal

Rachel is so mf beautiful

Jodi Evans



Everything looks halfassed.


only shooter.... boring!

Batman 4life

1:41 my new fantasy player TD celebration


Do a face reveal

RJ O'Brien

Anyone watching this now when maziels life is a complete disaster


RIP Dobby ❤️

Abdaal Zeb

What about cricket

The O Man 1000

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