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The race is on and these racecars are going really fast! Watch racecars and more in this Club Baboo compilation video for kids. You will learn the alphabet, how to count from 1 to 10 and all the names and sounds of the different animals.☆ Subscribe for more videos: #Racecars #educationalvideosPlease subscribe to Club Baboo for more videos!fun and educational videos from Club Baboo:Learn Sea Animals for kids: Dinosaurs for kids: with Club Baboo on Social Media:Facebook: Baboo is a family friendly YouTube channel with an emphasis on cute learning videos for kids. We offer the best way to learn about animals, dinosaurs, ABC's, numbers, shapes and colors. Please enjoy this fun cartoon cartoons compilation.Kevin MacLeod ( under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0alphabet | esl | homeschool | Animals for kids | video for children | colors | numbers for kids


Shadow Playz

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Andrey Nogue


Vincent Scorese

Not gonna front, I always take MickyD's over BK, but wendy's over the whole damn bunch!

Jeffro47 bodeen

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NYCT Enthusiast

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I only found the lorax one cause I paused at that second to get some popcorn

I Would Upload More Fun Daily Videos,  (Be honest)

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sneh patel

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Spodix Boy

I really enjoyed this one, i was at sea world here in san antonio so i didnt get time to check it out earlier. I definetly loved this one cuz i play alot of db fighterz and fortnite and rocket league. Great job guru kid

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i found another one u didnt put here. up on a cliff between drustvar and stormsong where theres a horde flight path. theres a penguin that has fallen in love with a wooden sign. its a reference to grape Kun. the penguin at the japanese zoo who fell in love with an anime girl cutout a lil over a year ago. which woulda been mid BFA development

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