China vs. India

Both developing countries, but they have very little in common...Join me on Facebook: me on Patreon: @serpentzaMusic used: QFGIIKattatheme

Alican Acaroğlu

dead rising 4 easter eggs and secrets pls

addy heim

is it just me or is it weird that they are all wearing the same color

I just love eggs

Is Jamie polish?

Moe Murder

Come home stonned ass a mofo and see this sad stuff there voes me buzze

Hillside Storm

I miss Toby.


I love nerf guns 😍 wish I could have one


Great video...You should narrate more often.. you have a good voice for it.

Noobs IOI

Crazy Guy: knocking window

Arjun Tagorda

Im thinking that your videos are late because you have hd (i am not arguing nor mad obviously)

Derrick Kerr

he did it because you were a gold digger being demanding and treating him like a peasant.

steven thompson

You guys are the best do policie stereotypes

dand dandy

so he maded this move or nah 3:55

Mello Gang

Who is watching this in 2018 and saying they have changed

Anthony Tran


Clint Phillips

?who watching in 2018?

Catcher_ Cozby


W Grace

Soy cory


i got lord of the rings before cory

Aishwarya Borse

The orange one

Ikkin Ezram

I never realized that life and death could be one in the same. I feared death tell know. I never noticed that death could be something peaceful and not scary. Now I know that death doesn't have to be scary as people make it out to be that life could be just as scary as death. Thank you for teaching me about this lesson I will no longer fear the thought of death no more.


Mr. gotcha verse I do gotcha versus



I think Trump won't pay this wall either...