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MaTa HAriMau

Try strike 1 milion pin..

He died in 1978 you stupid liars there’s something called google


1:39 is that a booby?


this was so cute ❤️ warmed my heart honestly


this is fucking sick

Ashley M

Yay! This was a big moviewhen I was younger!!!!

Christian Bensel

I thought said phantom pain for a moment and said what the fu at the first Easter egg.


DP bro please make water bottle flip 3 please please


I love what you did for Dylan

Spencer Cox

i live in utah. BEST SNOW ON EARTH


How u don't see the fakes

Muiz Muhaimin

I hope they don't pet that 'rage monster'anymore

Ashantia F

So inspirational

Daffa ariella aryasatya

Bisa bahasa Indonesia

The White Rabbit

Hey don’t you smokers know that smoking doesn’t make you look cool I mean look at doomguy he doesn’t smoke and he’s a super badass he carries a shotgun, kills demons, and last but not least he has a awesome suit


Crêpes from Paris? They come from Bretagne dude, try not to say that to someone from there, you might provoke a diplomatical incident :D (great video though, as always!)

Rohan Omar


Hassan R C

On god this has touched me deep in my heart 🙏🏽🙏🏽🤧

Edit: Keep it in gaming.

Nerdy Gamer



5:33 Stop with this Satory Iwata shit already!

nature and its spotlight

You guys love nickelback

Carter M

I'm a person I don't have any friends

Alex Craver

Ty looks like Santa

colton holmes

Yal later make a bigger slingshot

Jackson Quan

I’ve been here since16 mil

Semper Fi

26 minutes ago50,000 views

R3Dash— Cloud91

1:34 second best rage monster ever

Victoria Melendez

This gave me chills.


He didn't explained anything

solomon morton

thats not mario its mario then exitebike

Too Funny Guy

How many subscribers at this time? Anyone?

Christopher Smalls

@TheFiifii123 hey i feel u on that i was to lol

•Gee Wiz•

Why do i find this entertaining

Jayden Winningham


Craig Zimmer

What an awesome and useful video. Great work.


I can 100% relate with the day dreaming its weird for me I can “day dream” of good things but most of the time it’s awful things