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Ashley Harris

5:07-5:09 high to low

Flynn Lewis

(0:44 )*Fire shouldn’t be played with like this.*

Bence Szebeni

Halo3 why scary?

Unnamed Trainer

In 2028: Frozen, live action.

Jameson Junge

Did anyone else notice that at about 40 seconds in during the soup or play shot ty did not step on the bag

Nora Nolan


Spajic Ivan

Literaly copyright from wansee entertaiment

The Baffled Gapple


Zanquix ¿

If you were born in the 1900 ur 118 years old🤔?

DeSi DaBbeR


Lucas Corea

Rodgers for the easy opener just kinda flicked his arm and it FLEW

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Postal Dimond

The first one was the best

Albe Gian

Hope C418 's projects now get more attention now :D

Ray Carter

The bow and arrow ball swish

Gerbil Cakes

wow man how to you find all this stuff it must take AGES keep up the good work and continue to bring more good content forward 

• Esteban •.

Two Nolan movies. He gives zero fucks about extras. 'Dunkirk' is so freakin obvious. He was supposed to reshoot that scene and fire the fuck out the zombie face dude

Mahfuz Kamal

From bullied to hosting meme review

Legendmike yt

pubg stereotypes lol


2019 anyone?


It is not my team, his team.. This is family.. Espn are house breakers.. Bunch of gossip Queens... Leave kd alone Espn media...

Germi Sana

besides the harambe ending, this was the best one


Ethan Vape Neish

Congrats my guy and gal! Papa bless your souls!

Noob Saibot

there's actually a movie called bates motel!


sugarbaby sounds like a whore

King Carson

my fav was over stadium pass!!! that was sick!!!

trying to get 100 subs without a vid Shafin

U guys should do a zero gravity trickshot video

Charlene Li

5:08 bruh don’t you have a passcode?

Susan Araya

i'm so fancy

Axel Voss

0:04 Who else noticed the Wii sports resort sound??

Igor p

dobrych rozwiazan sie nie zmienia :D

محمد نولي

ما المعنى من كتابت  كلمة A113 ؟؟؟ في افلام دزني

Cathy Zimmerman

I just love this man, he is multi talented :) Love his cab rides and his voice...but mostly his 'spirit' lol AMAZING Actually brought me to tears but don't tell anyone lol

Daniel Villalba



dang for 6 years I’ve been waiting for Elsa do go find her long lost brother not whatever saving the world thing she’s doing REEEE


8:45 that only shows how much time and effort they put into the game! I don't own it and I haven't even played it but it's still my favorite LEGO game! Star Wars: The Complete Saga is second!

Leilani Eliason

I'm bipolar (type II) as well and it's so nice to see how it's being portrayed here. The highs and lows of depression, the insomnia, racing thoughts, everything can just be a struggle. Going through hypo-mania is similar yo going through mania but some major differences. Anyways, it's just very nice to see these videos.

Jake U

I have a feeling #5 may or may not be a reference to the Portal 2 ending, where you go onto the moon.

الملك عبودي

انيج اختك يا اخو القحبه انيك اختك على ساحتساسين ولله

Spooder Mon

Her mom looks like a default skin at 6:51

abc 123

watching 2017

Revi Matterson



I want to know how they reacted to the goal line interception