Colors for Children to Learn with Truck Transporter Toy Street Vehicles - Educational Videos

Colors for Children to Learn with Bus Transporter Toy Street Vehicles - Educational Videos

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The thumbnail gave me the wrong impression, but you are right; there are good people in this world who care.

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i agree. a lot of his shots do look possible but this isnt. this would maybe knock a basketball off the tee 2 feet in front. sad


Ok max, you are not the only one that made that claim. And you haven't done a damn thing

Anthony Lunardi

Wow Ty that's incredible

Legendary Gamer YT

3 holes in a ball is better

Easton Jaeger

Adrian Beltre or Jose Altuve

Salandit the lizard

The P.E teacher its Donald Trump

Aaron Kotanen

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A teacher made fun of a girl while having a panic attack in front of the entire class calling her pathetic cause she was crying over nothing

Ervin Abcede

December 2016?

Game Time

Best kid ever


That’s why you don’t play Fortnite...


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Gamer Wolf615

John is hella SUS

N. Chapman

The Xbox one X was suppose to have a ssd...... I'm bit put off considering the elite had one which I'm using and have yet to unbox my project scorpio....

thats funny

Thanks for all help 🙏