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Elspeth Edema

The twins care more about twin dad than real dad

Musically Me

You know, God can heal you so you don't have to live with that anymore. In my church there have been multiple occasions where diabetics were healed.

Give me a break Mr. curiosity

Peridot Meepmorp

Last night me and my friends were sugar high, we had 2 cans of coke, a pack of lollies, giant buckets of popcorn and cream. We were crazy and ran around the hall while screaming, tickling each other, playing volleyball and screaming once we got the ball, singing about salad and doing so much more wierd and crazy things...I looked at my texts to one of my friends last night was wierd...

Vane Ramirez

R.i.P The KING Of L.A 💙🏁


Im mad because it is school tomorrow!😓

Ok enough of me calling myself stupid, anxious and useless.

Star. Set

Good job, Elon Musk


Deja vu?

Me: Whatcha doin?


There was also a book called Gangster Dance Moves on the shelf xD


Not only are your main Easter Egg videos cleaner than my room, but you also have a hilarious sense of humor. It's no wonder you've been getting so much support.

spuspu Absher

sadly there are not many mental hospitals these days, so people like my dad are left in prisons left for dead with no help.

Latasha Hall

very self conscious

Pranav Jaganathan

Who is that man inside the panda ? Pls tell

Bossatroneo Bossatron

Nate can I just be you plz


Any CARAT here would immediately notice that the time of the video is hoshi's eyes. 10:10 😍

Maddie & Things

This I really inspiring I'm 14, and still in resource and still in 6th grade but I'm going to pass this year I WILL PASS I WILL FORCE MY SELF TO PASS🤩😁😀

Steven Nutter

Hey Babish, a cool episode would be doing one of the unique ballpark foods! (Ex. Taco Dog, Pulled Pork Patty Melt, even Grasshoppers). Big fan my man!

Happy Pixie

Wow 🤯🤯🤯

Sammy Bienenstock

If you guys are Jewish


The suit at 2:45 is ugLY

austinr sanders


Akshat Kapoor

The twins are horrible at driving RC cars !😂😨😨

PTA 1234

This was retarded

Tatiana Viquez

The real wolfychu"s voice :v

Benjamin Brignac

Garrett is a leftie but bats right handed

Brittany Richardson

does anyone see tyler 3:13 - 3:17