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Do people sometimes use words in English that you don't understand? Watch this lesson to learn how you can improve your conversation skills and your vocabulary at the same time! Then test yourself with the quiz:

Wyatt Morse

Ricky Ilimited your tricks

Katerina Kiriakidi

Very nice. I think you are the new super kings of the youtuber

Annabella P.

Imagine feeling so comfortable in JLo's presence that you call her Jen. Honestlyyy

BananaFox MSP

My parents would just beat me up and send me to my room 😂😂


I am so sorry

Mariel Judy

If this video says 6 months ago then.......

cyndi dye

softball is for girls

When my grandfather died a year ago i was sad i cried alot

riby dog

I feel so bad. I started crying. But you will get a baby. My mom didn't have a man. But she still had me. From... uh something


This looks kinda dark compared to the first I can’t wait to watch it

djpaydro barr


Un!T Cu$tomZ

End transaction :: had me thinking I was at a old man barber shop where dudes hype each other up over air maxes found at outlet stores

Keith Trackewicz


M&R []

6:05 stop pooping so hard brody

C Wilson

Fake glow sticks

I, along with most of my friends deal with depression and a bad past. I've even cut myself before. I live on the more sadder part of my country. You wouldn't even expect the place place we live in to have many people with depression. A lot of the kids at the school come from families that aren't the best. They may be verbally or mentally abusive.

Isaiah Shaffer

Who's the tall guy


Aww, you poor thing i feel bad for you 😢😭😭

Phumlani Mlotshwa

You amazing girl don't have such low self worth

Orange Sloth27

Golf shot yeah



Unknown -

i love how stormi has her blankie in the beginning while she takes short little steps


0:58 he was sweeping the air so he didn't kick dust up all over the set

Nguyen Hung

Guys there's a ball to in up and monsters inc


Rip Diamond💛 you will be missed, sending love your way jeffree 💕

Ly Zinhour

I love you


mina ayad

Rage moster is the best😠😡

Caulin Whitewater

gimme another splinter cell!!!


I havnt watched the video but all I’m saying is if they say roadhouse bloomin onion is better I’m unsubbing


Farglior X

Let's "remaster" the best Final Fantasy and keep the frame rate locked to 30!

Gabe F




hey guru did u know that there is a easter egg where the teddy bear is on freight it behind it it has a stop sign then a hammer then a clock to say "stop hammer time"


I didn't know Naughty Dog made Jak and Daxter, I absolutely loved that game as a kid

Elaine Salazar

She had all this time to become a citizen and didn't.