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She was in the hospital for months and months, then one day I came back home from school, my Mom wasn't at the door to welcome me and my dad back, so I decided to try to go to my Mom (She was laying in her bed.) when I tried to go in to her bedroom to hug her my Dad stopped me and said, "I think it is best to leave Mom alone." I said, "Okay." My Dad replied with, "Come on let's go for a walk in the forest, I have something to tell you." And so we did go for a walk, when we found a place to sit down my Dad said, "Grandmother's dead." I blankly stared, in shock, when we came back to our house, I didn't talk to my Mom, after a few days I calmed down, and I was able to talk to my Mom, and she told my that the doctors found out what my Grandmother had to die, I can't really remember what she said, but what I think what my mom said was that my Grandmother had a very rare disease, that only two doctors in the world (I think.) could cure it... I can't remember though, but it was something like that... I am 12 now, but I still miss her... - Katelyn

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thank you all so much for supporting this new series. let me know below which other groups of people you’d like to see me sit down with. and come back next week for I spent a day with SUBSTITUTE TEACHERS. Dude 👍

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