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Shy Girl

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Bullshit 100

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Wow I love the concept ! Please do more ! And don't worry, if you're busy we'll just wait and accept the short videos ^^

fat shep

What’s the piano song called in the background I wanna know how to play it

Biljana Aksic

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Andrea Delatorre15


Nadjet García

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Guy_LT2 Lolol

The gabe one was good

Anna Eclate

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Harmless Ninja

I'm confused, Is this a new single player R6 game? Or is it another Siege expansion?

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Chris Evans

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:34 am i the only one the thinks that corey didnt plan on his phone getting thrown into the water😂😂

Mr SwanSwan

And it will only be $1000!

Megan Baumgartner

I am 14 and my brother had the same thing and he almost died and then my sister had the same thing but but she died I was so sad when she died that I couldn't even stop crying :-( well I'm still crying from that day I just want to be with my sister hugging you she was only 4 years old why

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Lainie Picklesimer

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Wasn't this the story from Escape Room?

Jayden Ramos


Jackson V

Fun fact! The other day I watched the remake of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (with Johnny Depp) and on the scene where he transported the chocolate bar to the TV I saw what looked just like a scene from 2001: a Space Odyssey

dayhoc tainguyen

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Brandon Hatter

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@twisterfield651 still edited tho


He had to be trolling. No one can be that wrong. It just isn't logical.

ben helton

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Johnny R

I love you so much! What ever new idea you come up with just do it dude


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Gareth DeKraker

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Xxgiveme myholywaterxX

She didn’t even put that she broke up with him!!

Beck Haskins


Zoella X

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Doctor: that’s 4:11

Andrew Adams

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June Moon

Anyone bothered by the fact that she left her sisters with her psycopath mom?